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Frequently asked questions

WCan I start selling my item with Eidmart without purchasing any extra plugin or addons?

Yes, you can run your website using Eidmart without purchasing any plugin or addons. You’ll just purchase the Eidmart theme it’s enough to run your digital marketplace.

Can I build a multi-vendor website using Eidmart?

Yes, you can easily build your multi-vendor website using the Eidmart theme. You just need to purchase and install the EDD Front End Submission ( FES ) plugin for that. Our all demo is multi-vendor supported.

Can I use these pictures for another online store platform?

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Can I build a professional photography marketplace website using Eidmart?

Yes, you can build your photography or image selling digital marketplace website using the Photography demo with all photography features. Take a look at our photography demo - https://eidmart.wpninjadevs.com/photumart/
Light and Dark both versions are available in the Photography demo. Any demo you can pick for your marketplace website or anytime you can change. That’s why your audience will get a different taste in browsing and every day we are working on the new demo.

Can I sell multiple licenses at the same time?

Yes, customer can purchase multiple licences/service at the same time. Here is the example - https://eidmart.wpninjadevs.com/wp/downloads/serve-digital-services-wordpress-marketplace/

Can I sell single licenses per purchase?

Yes, customer can purchase only a single licences/service at the same time but he/she can purchase another after completing one. Here is the example - https://eidmart.wpninjadevs.com/wp/downloads/bela-multipurpose-marketplace-wordpress-theme/

Is there single product details page for separate demos version?

Yes, For different demos available different multiple details page. We’ve 10+ single product details page variation.

Can I build a professional Video marketplace website using Eidmart?

Yes, you can build a professional video marketplace website using the Video demo with complete video features. Take a look at our Video demo - https://eidmart.wpninjadevs.com/videmart/
Light and Dark both versions are available in the Video demo. You can host your video on video-sharing websites ( like Youtube, Vimeo, AWS etc ) and display them on your marketplace. Because our video version has external video link features. You can save $$$ from purchasing a large host.

Can I build an Audio marketplace website using Eidmart?

Yes, you can build a beautiful and functional audio marketplace website using the Audio demo. Available all audio features to build a complete marketplace or website. Take a look at our Audio demo - https://eidmart.wpninjadevs.com/audimart/
As well as available the professional audio instant player to play audio.

Can I Sell Graphics Content using Eidmart?

Yes, you can. We have a special demo for graphics content. Here is our graphics content demo – https://eidmart.wpninjadevs.com/graphicland/
You can sell your design, PSD, XD or Figma template using Eidmart graphics demo. As well as you can sell different type of banner, logo, presentation etc.

Is there product archive/filter page for separate demos version?

Yes, For different demos available different archive/filter page. We’ve 5 archive/filter page variation.

Can I verify Envato purchase code?

Yes, you can verify Envato purchase code using Eidmart Elementor addons. Here it is https://eidmart.wpninjadevs.com/wp/envato-license-key-checker/

Is there support Youtube/Vimeo or other in the Video version?

Yes, you can display Youtube or Vimeo video in the Video version alongside your storage video. As well as you can also display Amazon S3 – AWS – AWS Simple Cloud Storage (S3) video.

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