YouMail and Verizon Business Phone Services

YouMail and Verizon Business Phone Services

YouMail is a cloud-based voicemail service that lets you access your messages with an internet connection. It features visual voicemail, transcription of audio to text, and custom greetings.

YouMail works on both desktops and phones, making setup easy. Plus, its Smart Blocker feature helps block spam calls or robocalls with ease.

Verizon Business Digital Voice is an affordable option for many small businesses and there’s a one-time activation fee, that may include auto-attendants and custom greetings.

YouMail not only allows for calling, but it also enables sending internal messages and voicemails to your colleagues, customers, clients or anyone on your contact list. You have the ability to customize a default greeting as well as receive messages in either the email inbox or mobile messenger app.

Robocalls: To filter out robocalls, you can manually mark them as spam or enable the carrier’s free technology that monitors network activity and crowdsourced reports. T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon all have systems that work with third-party services like Hiya, TNS and First Orion to detect suspicious calls.

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