Using Net 30 Accounts for Building Business Credit

Net 30 Accounts For Building Business Credit

There are a number of easy-approval net 30 accounts that will help your business build credit quickly. Some of the vendors may report to the main business credit bureaus, which are generally considered by most to be Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax Business.

Some vendors require personal guarantees from younger businesses and up to 120 days for your payment history to appear on your credit report.

Office Garner as a Net 30 Vendor?

One strategy that some businesses use to try to build business credit is through opening a net 30 account with specific vendors who may report to business credit bureaus. Not only will you improve cash flow and possibly qualify more easily for financing or credit cards, these accounts also help boost cash flow which may improve cash management in general.

Grainger is an established industrial supplier with an expansive catalog. Before potentially offering net 30 terms, they may require a credit check and will review it again after 90 days. Some business owners have reported it takes multiple prepaid orders over time in order to establish credit with them.


Uline may offer net 30 trade lines that allow new businesses to build credit easily with shipping supplies and warehouse equipment for sale, reporting directly to major business credit bureaus and making it simple for new ventures to apply.

Before being approved for a tier one account, you will need to complete a short application, pay the fee, provide evidence that your business exists and pay a deposit fee. Some vendors also conduct credit checks through Dun & Bradstreet or Experian Business before authorizing you for a net-30 business account.

Some suppliers are known for their excellent customer service and quick approval processes; others may require personal credit checks or higher purchase amounts before qualifying for a net-30 account. It is best to inquire with each vendor to understand their terms and conditions prior to registering for one.


A net 30 account is a vendor credit line that may give businesses 30 days to pay invoices. While using it can help build your business credit, only use it with vendors who report to credit bureaus (commonly referred to as tradeline companies).

Grainger is an established provider of maintenance, repair, and operating products that may offer net-30 accounts to businesses that have been open at least 30 days; to qualify, the company conducts a credit check before agreeing to these terms.

Uline sells office supplies and packaging materials and offers net-30 accounts with one-time membership fees to report your payment history to business credit bureaus including Experian Business and CreditSafe.

NET 30 Account Basics

A net 30 account enables business buyers to purchase goods and services without making upfront payments, helping to improve cash flow management while managing expenses, as well as build their credit profiles and increase business credit profiles.

Application processes vary between vendors, but most require business information including its number and website. Some may even ask for a personal guarantee (PG) as an agreement that states if the business fails to repay any debt incurred, then an individual will become responsible.

Some vendors also require minimum purchase requirements or charge interest on late payments, so it’s essential that you read up on their terms and conditions prior to applying for a net 30 account with them. Furthermore, make sure they report to major business credit bureaus such as Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, or Equifax Small Business for optimal performance; blanket reporting with them could help your achieve higher business credit scores quicker.

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