Termly vs Legal Zoom

Termly Vs Legal Zoom – Questions to Ask Before Signing Up

If you’re in search of legal website compliance services, there are plenty of choices out there – however, there are certain questions that you must pose prior to making any commitment.

Consider how both Termly and LegalZoom offer similar services; which one would make the best choice? If you’re looking for a comparison of Termly vs Legal Zoom, read on!

Website Compliance Forms

LegalZoom may be the ideal website to form and register your LLC quickly and effortlessly. Their user-friendly site provides helpful formation-related resources as well as an efficient order process, enabling you to file all paperwork quickly.

Certain registered agent services offered by LegalZoom may include an Identity Theft Protection policy and Experian credit monitoring to protect both you and your business against identity theft. They also may offer Peace of Mind ReviewsTM in some cases at an extra cost, providing assurance that your LLC is legally sound.

However, their service costs were somewhat expensive when compared to competitors and they didn’t include registered agent services in some formation packages; we don’t know whether that was intentional but it certainly hurt their rating significantly.

Privacy Policies

Privacy policies provide your users with a way of understanding what personal data you will collect, why you will collect it and how you plan to use it. They also provide a way for users to opt-out.

Termly’s products are intended to comply with EU and UK privacy laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as state laws in California, Nevada, Delaware, Virginia and Colorado. Unfortunately, however, they are currently unable to offer assurance of compliance for laws outside these regions.

If you have questions or are concerned about Termly’s policies, don’t hesitate to reach out – their support team is more than willing to respond promptly and effectively if they are unable to address your query directly or refer you to an expert for additional help.

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