Selling Clickbank and JVZOO Digital Products

How to Sell Digital Products Participating as an Affiliate With Clickbank and JVZOO

Successful landing page development relies on authentic, engaging content. For instance, health products should highlight their benefits such as weight loss or muscle gain to attract potential buyers.

Clickbank Marketplace

Clickbank is a digital marketplace that provides millions of entrepreneurs the opportunity to promote their products and services. While it does feature overhyped junk products, Clickbank remains a legitimate business that provides real value to its consumers. There are various categories for digital and physical products as well as an easy drop-and-click sales funnel to increase conversions and maximize profits.

Clickbank offers a user-friendly affiliate signup process and pays affiliates upon sale completion while operating under a pay-after-sale model that means sellers don’t pay upfront fees to list their products. Clickbank features an expansive affiliate network as well as analytics that track progress; furthermore, Clickbank supports email swipes and landing pages allowing businesses to easily promote and sell digital products; making this platform ideal for beginners looking to sell digital goods. But there are a few considerations you should keep in mind before using Clickbank.

JVZOO Marketplace

JVzoo is an affiliate network offering software products and technology offerings. Operating under a performance-based model, payment for sales are only made upon successful completion. JVzoo is widely popular with well-known marketers who utilize it to sell digital products to customers at attractive prices. Unfortunately, some merchants may sell inferior quality or scam items for sale on JVzoo; therefore it is wise to conduct proper due diligence on merchants you intend to promote before choosing JVzoo as an affiliate network.

JVzoo success can be found by selecting products with high gravity and upsell potential, and finding vendors with an established online history and track record in the marketplace. As JVzoo does not control customer support, be prepared to handle refund requests on your own. JVzoo also offers mobile checkout and custom order forms – providing great opportunities for vendors and affiliates alike.

Select an offer to promote by the gravity

Selecting suitable Clickbank products to promote is key to any affiliate marketing strategy. The first step of this process should be finding something suitable for your audience by using the filter tools found on the left of Clickbank homepage, such as popularity, initial dollar per sale average dollar per sale and gravity filters.

Gravity can provide an indication of the likelihood of success when selling certain products, but it should never be your sole factor of consideration. Be sure to promote products you believe in and that will benefit your target audience.

Before selecting any product, carefully research its reviews online to make sure it’s authentic and doesn’t fall for scams. Also, ensure the vendor provides excellent customer support – unlike Clickbank or Aliexpress, Jvzoo doesn’t manage this aspect directly so vendors must offer this service themselves.

Opening an Account on Clickbank and JVZOO

Drive Traffic to a Landing Page that YOU Customized and Created

You will want to create an attractive landing page for the offers that you are promoting with some basic information about the offer using either text, video, or both. Make sure to collect the customers email address on the landing page. When you create the landing page, there will be a “Redirect” option within the email opt-in form. You will paste your custom affiliate url for the product you are promoting and that will redirect the user to the offer AFTER they opt0in to your email list on the landing page.

Collect Their Email in Order to Retarget After Initial Offer

Why not skip the landing page and just drive paid traffic directly to the offer? Well, e-commerce and digital marketing offers typically have a 1-2% conversion rate. By collecting the email first, you can retarget many of the customers that you sent to the landing page and then to the offer. That way, if they don’t convert initially, you have several opportunities to retarget them through email marketing without paying for paid ads again.

Additional Info. on Clickbank and JVZOO

Both Clickbank and JVZOO offer information products, digital downloads, courses, and software that you can sell as an affiliate. Clickbank even has SOME physical products as well. There are other affiliate networks that have many more physical products and business services, however, Clickbank and JVZOO are huge when it comes to informational products such as ebooks and more. Digital offers can include ebooks, digital downloads, courses, trainings, graphics, charts, PDF’s, themes, templates, and more.

The nice thing about digital offers is that there are fewer things going on in the backend. There are fewer returns, no shipping, no size issues (e.g. clothing), no broken pieces from shipping, etc. Even though these issues are handled by the brand and not the affiliate, they can cut into your profit margins. Physical products typically have commissions between 5-20%, whereas digital product affiliate commissions can range from 20%-99%, AND many digital products such as software and membership plans have monthly renewals that keep paying you as long as the client continues with the service. There are some returns and some issues.

When checking the Gravity of a Clickbank offer, you look at the Gravity number for the last 12 weeks. If the gravity is 50, for example, that means that 50 affiliates had a sale of this offer in the last 12 weeks. That doesn’t mean only 50 offers were sold, just that 50 affiliates had at least one sale in the last 12 weeks. There could’ve literally been thousands of that product, book, etc., sold in the last 12 weeks, but the gravity just shows the number of affiliates who had a sale within the last 12 weeks. Having a high gravity MAY make an offer good to promote, but it’s not the only factor you want to consider. You also want to go to the product page and make sure that you like what you’re promoting and that it would be a good offer for the particular audience that you’re targeting with YOUR brand and/or niche.

You also want to make sure that the product is ethical, safe to promote, and fits within your moral guidelines as your promote to your audience. You also want to make sure that the offer has been around for a while and that there are reviews for the product online or elsewhere. New offers may have a high gravity JUST because everyone is grabbing them and trying to promote them because it’s a new offer and may seem like it will be hot. You can try this strategy of promoting new, hot offers yourself, but this also a way to easily get burned by an offer that doesn’t really convert, but rather is ust being heavily promoted by a lot of affiliates because it’s new. The gravity alone won’t determine whether or not an offer will convert, as there are many factors that will go into determining that, such as but not limited to: Niche, proce, gravity, time in market, returns, reviews, number of affiliates promoting, advertising cost to convert offer, reputation of company, cost to acquire a customer, and many ther factors.

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