Save on Business and Digital Marketing courses and More

How to Save on Business and Digital Marketing Courses & More

Online digital marketing courses offer a wonderful way to develop new digital marketing skills and learn new digital marketing strategies. Most courses are self-paced, cost-effective, and beginner friendly – helping you launch a profitable e-business venture!

Coursera’s Digital Marketing Specialization provides an introduction to modern digital marketing skills taught by industry professionals and includes modules on marketing in the digital environment.


Udemy is one of the world’s premier e-learning platforms, offering courses across business development, photography, IT & software, and digital marketing. These affordable classes enable learners to learn at their own pace – as well as provide lifelong access to courses so they can return anytime they choose!

Udemy often runs sales and discounts on courses, so if there is one you are considering but doesn’t fit within your budget, add it to your wish list and monitor its price until it drops down further. Udemy may also have special holiday promotions available.

Businesses looking to train their employees can turn to Udemy for Business as an affordable training solution, offering unrestricted access to over 5,000 courses for a nominal monthly subscription fee per user, course management tools and analytics reports, plus 24/7 customer service support.


Skillshare is an ideal platform to find courses to build new skills or expand creative horizons. Classes are short and easy to watch, while unlimited classes cost only $8 per month – much lower than many other online learning platforms!

Skillshare’s website is user-friendly and intuitive, organized according to type of class: Create, Build and Thrive. Each Create course caters specifically for creatives while Build and Thrive classes focus on business topics taught by experienced instructors.

Skillshare allows its students to interact with others taking the same class, creating a sense of community while encouraging further learning. Furthermore, Skillshare does not grade submitted projects for submission – helping maintain its laid-back environment while permitting individuals to complete projects at their own pace.


Coursera provides an expansive array of online courses and learning programs. Their offerings range from short interactive modules to an intensive specialization program and many instructors from top-tier universities and companies are teaching many of them for free; many even come with 7-day trial periods or money-back guarantees (excluding Guided Projects ).

Coursera’s specialized programs typically span 4-6 weeks and consist of weekly units with video lessons, readings, and quizzes that can be completed faster than anticipated. Furthermore, it offers an all-access subscription plan called Coursera Plus which gives access to many of its learning programs on its platform.

These plans come at either a monthly payment or one-time payment and provide access to courses, guided projects, verified certificates as well as several extra features like private authoring tools, account managers and skill metrics.

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