About Us

Lendzz.com was founded with a simple goal and mission: To help home buyers and sellers connect with the top real estate agents in their local market and to help home owners and business owners find great loan rates and lending programs. In seeking this goal, Lendzz.com decided to partner with The Referral Exchange, a leading network of  over 20,000 brokers and realtors who serve over 250,000 clients and close billions of dollars in transactions annually.  

This huge network consists of over 17,000 brokers, referral agents and realtors, allowing us to make referrals in 96% of U.S. zip codes! By submitting your information through Lendzz.com, you are partnering with a huge network of professionals who proven, trusted and billions of dollars in transactions under their collective belts. Lendzz has also partnered with several leading business lenders, personal lenders and credit card companies.

Since our inception we have expanded our partnerships to include banking, insurance, credit services and business services.  Thank you for checking out Lendzz.com and we look forward to helping you find a top real estate agent, business loan, insurance quote or more!