Rakutem Affiliate Marketing Network and Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Network Review

Rakuten Affiliate Marketing Network and Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Network Review

Rakuten and Shareasale Features and Benefits

Rakuten Affiliate Marketing Network and Shareasale are global affiliate marketing networks that facilitate long-term, profitable partnerships between advertisers (business owners) and publishers (affiliates). Since 1996, these companies have been helping people make money through the promotion of products.

They boast superior technology, experienced account managers and an array of omnichannel tools to assist your business growth. Furthermore, they provide data-led AI matchmaking to identify the ideal partners for each campaign as well as Accelerate – a fully managed program designed to take affiliate marketing to new heights.

Rakuten Affiliate Marketing Network boasts over 1.1 billion users around the world and supports 25 different currencies. It makes payments to 202 countries/regions each month, based on affiliate earnings from brands it works with.

It’s essential to note that payments may take several months before they reach your bank account, as the funds must first pass through several checks and balances. Nonetheless, this is an excellent way for individuals to earn cash and build a reliable income.

Signing up for the Rakuten Affiliate Marketing Network is simple – simply visit their website and create an account. From there, log into your publisher dashboard to begin promoting advertisers and earning commissions.

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