Press Distribution Services for Digital Marketers

Compare Press Release Services for Digital Marketers

Press releases are an integral component of digital marketing, serving as an excellent way to spread news of your business to the media and bolstering brand recognition.

There are various services offering press release distribution and many of them can get your website and/or blog articles placed in online magazines and newspapers. However, you must select one that best meets both your requirements and budget.

24/7 Press Distribution

The top press release services boast an extensive network of media contacts that can help spread your story to a larger audience. In addition, they provide SEO and social media marketing services that will make your content even more engaging for readers, with pricing plans that range from free to premium options available.

Express Press Release Distribution has the capacity to reach 2 million readers through their newswire service, while their highly skilled team can assist in writing, editing, and distributing press releases to media. Their services are affordably priced; plus they provide free reports that track how successful your press release was in reaching its intended audience.

BusinessWire offers another excellent press release service, with its precise targeting options that enable you to target specific geographic and demographic audiences. Distribution channels for its releases include Dow Jones, Reuters and Associated Press as well as subject-specific platforms – its prices can range between $149 and $299 depending on your needs and budget.


24-7 Press Release Newswire provides an intuitive user interface and real-time performance metrics, making it a top choice when looking for press release distribution services with an accessible platform and transparent pricing model. Users can customize press releases, track their performance and measure campaign effectiveness from its cloud-based platform – as well as enjoy affordable and transparent pricing models!

This company is one of the biggest in its field, boasting an expansive network and variety of packages for domestic and international distribution as well as regulatory-compliant options for publicly traded companies. Furthermore, this provider also provides writing services and can distribute your content directly to journalists and influencers who have subscribed for this service.

PRWeb is another highly acclaimed service provider. Their service covers topics as diverse as business, health, technology, pets and politics and allows users to easily increase engagement through hyperlinks, photos, videos and call-out quotes while optimizing content for search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Benefits

Search engine optimization is a complicated process that involves optimizing websites for specific search terms or phrases among many other things. It is an in-depth process which often includes small changes with major results for ranking purposes.

Search engine result pages (SERPs) receive the greatest amount of click-through traffic; only 2-3% of searchers move beyond these initial results. Therefore, increasing your rank on the first page could bring more visitors and ultimately result in increased business for your website.

Press releases can also enhance SEO by drawing Google’s attention directly to your site, enabling it to assess and interpret its contents more accurately. Furthermore, positive PR coverage has been proven to contribute positively to search engine rankings even without an actual link being present in it.

Choosing a Press Distribution Service

Selecting an ideal distribution service is vital; quality content may influence whether or not your content gets picked up by media outlets.

Search for a platform that provides multiple writing and distribution options, such as social media publishing and email campaigns. In addition, ensure the trial period offers so you can test drive their features before making your purchase decision.

Make sure the press release distribution service you select enables the inclusion of videos and images – they have proven more effective than text alone in conveying messages to an audience. Including quotes from influential figures may add credibility to your news, so make sure the information in your press release is concise yet engaging, following the “five Ws” structure: who, what, where, when and why.

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