Advertising Services for Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Store Owners

By no means are the online advertising services for digital marketers listed below ALL of the available ways that digital marketers can advertise online, but we thought we’d list a few of the more common online advertising services for digital marketers, e-commerce store owners, and affiliate marketers.

Advertising Services for Digital Marketing

Since digital marketing involves promoting products and services online, it’s important that digital marketers utilize some of the more popular online advertising services for digital marketers, affiliate marketers, and e-commerce store owners. Digital marketers can use paid search, social media advertising and data-driven analysis techniques in their campaigns for customer outreach purposes.

Facebook ads are designed to drive visitors directly to a business’s website or landing page, and work best for businesses that generate revenues over time, like daily deals or subscription sites.

Bing ads by microsoft

Bing Ads by Microsoft allows companies to advertise on Microsoft and its partner search networks such as Yahoo and AOL. Businesses using Bing ads by Microsoft can target consumers based on location, device type and other characteristics; additionally they can retarget those who visit their website with ads from Bing.

Bing Ads offer businesses the flexibility of customizing their ads with up to four descriptions and 15 headlines for maximum impact and lead generation at lower cost than Google Ads. Furthermore, advertisers can create multiple ad groups and track performance with an easily navigable dashboard.

Google ppc adfs

Google PPC is one of the best digital marketing tools available to businesses, enabling them to reach the appropriate customers while increasing website traffic, phone calls and sales.

Google Ads differs from traditional advertising solutions in that its effectiveness isn’t determined by budget; rather, its ranking depends on quality and relevancy – meaning smaller businesses can compete against larger ones more easily. They can even utilize the Google Display Network to display their ads on third-party websites such as blogs or news websites – making this an excellent solution for companies without their own sites.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads are an effective marketing tool that can reach specific customer segments at an affordable cost for any business. Their ad platform provides user-friendly budget management tools and near real time results monitoring; in addition, Facebook Ads can help increase social signals and organic search presence.

Keep this in mind when setting up Facebook ads – users likely aren’t looking for your products and services when they open the app! For maximum success, aim for conversions that won’t require too much commitment upfront – such as signing up for newsletters or entering email addresses – businesses that excel at this include daily deal and subscription sites.

Yelp for business ads

Yelp for business ads work similarly to Google Ads and Facebook Ads, enabling businesses to purchase preferential results and placements while targeting specific potential customers as they choose where to invest their funds. They receive impressions on competitor profiles as well as other businesses while receiving historical stats that show how their campaign is faring.

While some marketers doubt Yelp’s effectiveness, others have experienced a tangible return on investment with this form of advertising. Blue Corona can assist your business in taking advantage of Yelp business ads to increase visibility on the platform while driving leads and phone calls directly for your business.

ManyChat SMS marketing

SMS can be an efficient and cost-effective way to reach customers across your omnichannel marketing campaigns. ManyChat’s user-friendly SMS tool makes this possible; you can set 2-way text messaging programs triggered by keywords, as well as integrations with Facebook Messenger, email and WhatsApp – providing another layer of customer engagement!

Legal and privacy considerations dictate it’s best to obtain a double opt-in before sending marketing messages. This can be accomplished by asking customers to provide their phone number when checking out or texting in their keywords when visiting your website – both are effective ways of expanding SMS subscriber lists and increasing leads.

Youtube ads

Youtube ads can help expand brand recognition and drive leads with targeted marketing campaigns while offering metrics to identify successful ones – saving both time and money by eliminating campaigns that don’t perform.

To create a YouTube video ad, start by entering a name for your campaign and setting your budget. You can set either daily or campaign budgets depending on what works best for you; additional networks, locations, and languages may also be selected as necessary.

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