Find The Best Freelance Services for Affiliate Marketing

Best Freelance Services for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing for B2B products and services involves promoting them to an audience without needing to manage logistics or customer service responsibilities. This differs from e-commerce sales because you don’t need to deal with customer support logistics yourself.

On platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and People Per Hour you can find freelancers that specialize in affiliate marketing who can assist your business by offering professional advice and strategies. These professionals can be invaluable when expanding your company.


Fiverr provides an expansive suite of affiliate marketing materials and tools designed to help you make money online from the convenience of home. Their target audiences and income levels range widely. Fiverr also provides two affiliate programs – CPA and hybrid.

Usually, merchants need to create a landing page on their websites in order to provide details of their affiliate program and recruit affiliates. Email and social media can help promote this page and recruit affiliates; some merchants even make the program easily searchable from within their websites.

Reaching out to current customers can be the key to recruiting affiliates successfully. For example, freelance writers might love your invoicing tool and be excited about becoming affiliates for it. Once approached with this offer, explain its advantages as an incentive for joining. It might even prompt them to share it socially or include your affiliate link into blog posts!


Upwork provides freelancers a valuable platform to find clients and expand their portfolios. Freelancers can access this service from any location worldwide and choose a job that matches both their skill set and schedule.

Upwork’s mission is to expand economic opportunity around the world. They do this by connecting businesses and professionals from all over the world in order to meet their business goals. Their platform is free for use and does not charge upfront fees; instead, a sliding fee based on lifetime billings for non-Enterprise clients is applied as applicable.

Step one in finding clients on Upwork is creating and optimizing your profile. Your aim should be for it to look professional while including all relevant information about yourself such as portfolio, education, experience and photo. Furthermore, take the tests offered by Upwork that test for skills verification.

People Per hour

People Per Hour is an online marketplace connecting businesses and freelance workers in digital marketing services. The platform has earned itself an exceptional reputation within its field – an ideal solution for quickly expanding an affiliate marketing business quickly and effortlessly.

Before hiring a freelancer, it’s essential to take the time to carefully examine their portfolios and proposals. In addition, asking them to complete one small task for free will allow you to assess their skills before making your final decision on who will serve as your freelancer will allow you to assess if they fit well with your company and can deliver quality work that exceeds expectations.

In order to attract clients, your proposals should be as appealing as possible. Include information on your skills and experience along with a link to your website. After finishing a project, follow-up with clients to ensure their satisfaction with your services; this will increase chances for repeat business.


MarketerHire is a freelance platform that connects businesses with expert marketers. Their fast, reliable process ensures the best results while they also offer support to help manage projects and ensure you hire only 5-star talent – as evidenced by Superkin, an e-commerce company that hired one through Marketerhire and increased organic traffic by 106%!

Marketerhire utilizes social recruiting strategies such as monitoring Facebook groups, LinkedIn threads and forums, as well as posting job descriptions to find freelance marketers.

Businesses can also take advantage of a complimentary onboarding call with each new freelance marketer before hiring them, making it easier for businesses to find their ideal freelance marketer quickly.

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