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Comparing the Best Email Services for Business

Email remains an effective form of communication despite the advent of collaboration-focused platforms like Slack or Workfront, yet business of all sizes are opting for hosted Software-as-a-Service email solutions with per person price averages, cutting edge security measures and ease of connectivity and deployment. To help you select the ideal email service provider (ESP), we have compiled this list of 13 top-ranked ESPs. Read up on their features, pricing models, and more before making your selection.

Email Services Cost

Email is an integral component of running any successful business, so selecting a high-quality email service provider is of utmost importance. Evaluate various features. s and price options before selecting one that’s suitable for your organization; consider who will use it and any specific features required as part of this decision process. ProtonMail and GMX Mail both provide unlimited storage capacity with sleek interfaces; ProtonMail boasts end-to-end encryption for added security and offers secure plans with different features. GetResponse, Aweber, and ActiveCampaign may provide options that enable customers to pay annually in advance to save money. Doing this could save significant sums over the year. Email hosting can be costly investment for startups and small businesses alike, so taking this option should definitely be explored further.


Email can be an indispensable resource for businesses, and selecting an email service tailored specifically to your needs depends on its usage. Top options provide advanced spam filtering capabilities, integration features and user-friendly interfaces to simplify collaboration. Email Service Providers (ESPs) offer businesses more than email marketing features; they also provide a number of tools that can assist businesses with staying organized and effective. Campaign Monitor, for instance, features an extensive library of how-to articles that cover everything from creating an email automation workflow to setting up an unsubscribe link. Postmark stands out among the competition as a provider offering transactional and broadcast email, while Apple’s free cloud suite, iCloud Mail, works seamlessly with its other products for seamless integration. IceWarp Cloud provides comprehensive product suite at an attractive price with excellent support; its user-friendly UI, large mailbox space capacity and variety of domain options makes it appealing to small businesses.


Email will never go away, but its use among businesses has experienced dramatic change. More companies are opting for hosted Software-as-a-Service solutions with guaranteed uptime and flexible per user pricing plans over costly onsite mail servers. Email accounts and contents require comprehensive security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access, use, disclosure or disruption from occurring. These may include encryption for transmission; authentication to ensure email sender identity; digital signature verification to validate content integrity. ProtonMail stands out from its competition by adhering to strict privacy standards. Unfortunately, however, ProtonMail doesn’t encrypt subject lines – leaving significant gaps in security; that’s where competitors like Tutanota come in; they encrypt subject lines.


Email providers offer various integrations that simplify marketing for those with more sophisticated marketing needs, helping automate certain processes and target specific audiences more easily. These tools can increase ROI while making your brand stand out among a crowded marketplace. Many of these services integrate seamlessly with instant messaging/team chat apps, video conferencing software, document sharing applications and enterprise collaboration tools – and some even integrate with CRM (customer relationship management) systems that may prove helpful when building long-term client relationships. Dependent upon your needs, some email providers offer additional features to keep you organized and on task, like calendaring or project management tools. Furthermore, there may be extra security options that prevent unauthorized access or deletion of data – for instance some plans offer end-to-end encryption while others may provide basic protection with some paid plans; some even provide archiving and storage to safeguard important emails for later reference.
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