Credit Card Processing for Ecommerce Stores

Credit Card Processing for Ecommerce Stores and Retailers

Credit card processing is an integral component of running an ecommerce business, as it affects customer trust, the types of payments accepted and fees pricing.

At checkout, payment information is safely transmitted to a processor that verifies it with the customer’s bank and deposits funds into your merchant account.

Merchant Services

Merchant services provide online retailers with payment solutions that enable them to accept credit cards and other forms of online payments securely and safely. When selecting your provider, research must be conducted carefully in order to select a provider who meets the needs of your business – from simple systems built directly into an ecommerce platform, to comprehensive options with more features and costs – there are various solutions available to merchants.

Merchant services you select can have a profound effect on everything from whether customers feel secure providing their credit card data to how quickly payments arrive at your fingertips. They’ll also determine what kinds of payments can be accepted, whether customer data can be saved for faster checkout next time they order and whether fee pricing works according to percentage or flat fee pricing models.


Melio provides businesses that need to accept payments from customers an excellent solution for accepting them quickly and securely. They can send their clients a link that allows them to make their payment quickly using either credit cards or bank transfers – tracking each one as it arrives at their accounts is also easy!

The centralized platform also enables you to set up payment approval workflows so that users in your company can manage transactions more effectively. Furthermore, roles and permissions can be established so only authorized individuals are capable of performing certain tasks.

You can take advantage of this solution without incurring a charge, paying vendors via debit card or ACH payment options, defer payments with credit cards to extend float and earn rewards, while this intelligent accounts payable software meets PCI compliance and utilizes cutting-edge cryptographic algorithms to transmit and store data securely within databases.


Helcim offers comprehensive merchant services for retail and ecommerce stores without contracts or monthly fees, featuring proprietary software with payments apps, POS systems and modules for customer management and inventory control. Merchants can customize invoices and payment pages to their brand; its mobile and Apple Pay compatible credit card reader also helps prevent fraud with cutting edge technology and machine learning algorithms.

Helcim offers round-the-clock telephone support and email assistance, both of which are staffed by in-house experts; off-hours support is outsourced. In addition, Helcim provides comprehensive documentation and video tutorials for their hardware that enable merchants to troubleshoot any issues independently. Furthermore, Helcim provides customers with a self-service portal where they can manage subscriptions and billing details as well as transparent pricing structures with interchange-plus rates and tiered discount programs that increase with processing volume; in addition, secure card vaults store tokenized data.


PayCafe is a US-based online payment processing company offering secure and optimized virtual terminals for ecommerce channels. Their SaaS suite combines virtual terminal and payment gateway into one package for merchants using PayPal or other digital wallets in their shops; additionally it guarantees PCI-DSS compliance and protects customer confidentiality.

SaaS solutions feature point-to-point encryption of transaction data, guaranteeing that if there is ever an incident on a merchant website or data breach, buyers’ credit card data cannot be read by hackers and used fraudulently. They also protect merchants against fraud by routing all transactions through anti-fraud filters and protecting against data loss by routing every transaction through anti-fraud filters.

PayCafe stands out with its unified dispute management system, which helps high-risk merchants handle chargebacks more effectively. They also offer 24/7 customer support team and do not disclose contract requirements or terms – though this may be common practice among PSPs, it is crucial that merchants understand which fees will be charged on per transaction basis.

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