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The Best Rental Property Software and Landlord Software Comparison:

Landlord software makes property management simpler, automating tasks such as rent collection and accounting while streamlining communication with tenants. MRI Software was specifically created for commercial and large residential portfolios. Featuring agile technology built for scale, industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI), public housing compliance requirements, investment management reports, lease abstraction/space planning/analysis as well as investment reports/analysis capabilities MRI offers investment management reports/lease abstraction/space planning analysis reports to its users.

Landlord Software Features

Property management software is an invaluable asset for increasing real estate efficiency. By automating processes like rent collection and maintenance request tracking, this tool makes overseeing a portfolio easier from one central location. Furthermore, detailed financial reports enable landlords to maximize returns from their investments. The best rental property software features include online payments, maintenance tracking, e-signature collection, tax reporting and tenant screening capabilities. More advanced software offers additional amenities such as leasing assistant, professional websites for each property, premium leads tracking and proof of insurance tracking – not forgetting mobile-friendliness for accessing data anytime from any device – customer support via an online message board and telephone technical support! Landlord Studio is an easy-to-use software solution ideal for single-family home investors with one to 50 properties, which can be used on both desktop computers and mobile devices, its intuitive user interface making navigation effortless, while plans start from $12 per month for up to three units. In addition, this program features an app enabling tenants to submit maintenance requests via mobile, tracking income/expenses/tenant applications/run reports/generate invoices/run reports etc; plus it integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks so it is simple import/export data import/export process!

Landlord Software Pricing

When searching for rental property software to support a small portfolio, it’s essential that you find one with flexible pricing that can scale as your business expands. Choose a program which automates many day-to-day financial tasks such as tracking income and expenses, receipt scanning, lease drafting/tenant notice drafting/simplification tax matters as well as simplifying taxes. TurboTenant offers both free and affordable premium plans to landlords that manage only one or two properties, as well as listing capabilities costing and state-specific lease agreements that offer access to all key features. Meanwhile, Rentler also has similar fee structures, with both offering access to key features of both programs for free. Landlords looking for a comprehensive property management solution should carefully consider Baselane(r). This company provides bookkeeping and accounting services specifically tailored for landlords, including tracking rental income and expenses as well as filing tax filings. Furthermore, their software organizes transactions by property so as to keep accurate records and save time come tax season.

Rental Property Software Integrations

As a landlord of rental properties, finding the appropriate software for landlords can save both time and money. Landlord software helps automate accounting processes, track income and expenses, run reports, collect rent online, collect payments securely online and more – saving both time and money along the way. Landlords searching for the ideal landlord software have many choices available to them. Some offer only limited features while others provide extensive management tools for their portfolios. Your choice will ultimately depend on budget considerations as well as whether or not an all-in-one system meets your requirements. Stessa provides landlords with an array of tools for overseeing their real estate investments, from advertising their properties and recruiting tenants, vetting tenants, collecting rent payments and reporting purposes for landlords – making Stessa one of the premier landlord software options. Rentec Direct provides another tool for landlords looking to manage their properties with listing syndication, tenant screening and electronic signature leases. Buildium is an expensive yet robust solution with many features, but users report that its interface is intuitive. It features tenant portals and landlord/owner portals as well as renters’ insurance policies, workflow sheets, activity calendars and more.


Landlords often have their hands full, making life as a landlord more challenging than ever before. Automating financials with software makes things simpler for landlords while considering whether the software scales with your real estate portfolio as it expands and whether it integrates with any apps used daily to manage operations. Utilizing property management software capable of handling accounting, marketing, rental payments and maintenance requests enables landlords to streamline their processes and save time. A reliable platform should also include safety measures designed to protect tenants’ sensitive data and personal information. Some rental property management software platforms, like AppFolio, offer advanced features to manage larger portfolios remotely. There are various landlord software solutions available today, with pricing structures depending on various factors. Some platforms charge a flat monthly fee while others may charge per property or unit; Stessa provides both a free tier and premium plans to manage up to 10 units; for smaller property portfolios TurboTenant and Rentler offer limited free accounts, and premium plans, but also charge to request electronic signatures on lease agreements and legal documents.  RentReady has some excellent rental property software and landlord software options and tools as well.
Real Estate Software
Rent Ready Real Estate Software

Rent Ready Real Estate Software

All in one rental property software for landlords.

Landlord Tools/Services
Beyond Vacation Property Tools/Services

Beyond Vacation Property Tools/Services

Beyond offers software, tools, payment solutions, AND services for vacation property owners and landlords.  Beyond helps vacation rental owners maximize their listings, get more bookings, manage their portfolios, and more.  Several tools and services available.

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