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Compare The Best Ecommerce Platforms and Online Storefronts

The Best Ecommerce Platform Comparison

An ecommerce platform is an end-to-end software solution that includes everything needed to establish and run an online store, such as domain registration and hosting services, payment gateways, marketing tools and customer support.

When comparing or buying an ecommerce platform, select a platform with SEO features, such as caching, image scaling, script minification, and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).  Below, you can compare some of the top ecommerce platforms.


WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform, enabling business owners to customize their storefronts and make use of various features available through it. Seo-optimized, it enables search engines to easily find it; merchants can collect customer email addresses for targeted email campaigns; it is user-friendly, requiring minimal budget; it even supports multiple languages!

Woocommerce is a free and customizable e-commerce plugin for WordPress that can be used to build an online store. It integrates easily into existing websites and boasts thousands of free and premium themes available for purchase; additionally, it integrates seamlessly with various CRM systems for selling digital and physical products.


Although WooCommerce is free, its set-up and management require technical knowledge. Furthermore, transaction fees and payment processing costs apply – making this option an excellent choice for small to mid-size businesses.

WooCommerce stands out as an eCommerce platform by being both flexible and customizable, as well as featuring numerous unique features that set it apart from others. Its advanced inventory and order management tools make it possible to manage multiple stores from a central location while customer support is exceptional. Plus, WooCommerce’s mobile app helps store managers manage their store from any Internet-enabled location!


Shopify offers several distinctive features that make it a top pick for small businesses, including an intuitive user experience and customizable theme options, third-party app integration capabilities and an advanced analytics dashboard. Customer support services can also be reached via phone call, email and live chat if needed.

Shopify provides an ecommerce solution with cloud technology to allow you to build and manage an online store from any connected device with internet access, with software upgrades handled automatically for you so you can focus on running your business instead. Its system also makes integration simple with other commerce tools.

WIX Websites

Wix is another popular ecommerce option, providing users with a range of tools for building an online store. Wix’s features for site creation include drag-and-drop design, front-end coding and back-end programming – making this platform flexible but lacking some key capabilities, including mobile support or comprehensive ecommerce features.

Not like WooCommerce, Shopify provides an all-in-one commerce solution that allows you to sell products across multiple sales channels and support POS (point-of-sale) systems allowing for in-person selling at pop-up stores or events. Furthermore, its integration with social media sites such as eBay, Amazon and TikTok enable it to reach an expansive global market.


BigCommerce is an all-in-one ecommerce platform designed to enable users to easily and code-freely set up online stores. It includes all the key components of an ecommerce website, such as web hosting, blogging tools for content marketing and SEO to boost organic traffic as well as built-in security measures. Furthermore, this software is compatible with multiple payment gateways and supports multiple inventory locations.

This platform is highly scalable, with plans automatically upgraded as revenue increases. Additionally, multi-currency selling can be enabled to benefit businesses selling across different markets. Finally, its robust back end can handle large volumes of data securely while its security features offer outstanding protection.


BigCommerce stands out as an attractive option thanks to its comprehensive customer support, available via live chat, email, or phone – wait times are often under one minute – knowledgeable representatives are also readily available and friendly. BigCommerce makes an excellent platform for both entrepreneurs looking to launch their own store as well as established brick-and-mortar retailers looking to take their business online.

The platform is user-friendly, without requiring advanced web development skills to use. With its user-friendly interface and templates/tools for marketing your store, it makes creating professional-looking sites fast and effortless.


Squarespace is an all-in-one website builder and ecommerce solution, offering tools for you to sell online. While other ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce provide their own site builder solutions, Squarespace stands out by being more versatile and offering packages with major differences from others ecommerce platforms.

This platform’s merchandising tools help you showcase your products to their fullest extent, and its SEO-optimized templates help boost search engine ranking. Furthermore, Google favors sites that provide free SSL certificates; plus this platform also offers various marketing tools as well as robust email marketing features with Mailchimp integration.


Notable among its many features is its POS system, which works seamlessly with ecommerce software and supports multiple currencies. Compatible payment processors such as Stripe, PayPal and Apple Pay. Furthermore, multichannel selling capabilities enable integration with Facebook Marketplace Ads, Instagram Ads and TikTok Ads allowing for multichannel selling capabilities.

Squarespace offers many convenient features for ecommerce platforms, including adding blogs and social media feeds, customizing your store design with fonts, colors, and themes, creating product variants with variations, managing inventory effectively and even scheduling when listings will go live.

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