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Rental Property Financing


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 FundWise Real Estate Financing

 Investment real estate financing

Flexible real estate financing terms

 Investment property financing

 FundWise brokering & financing 

 Fix-n-flip or rental financing



 GroundFloor Real Estate Lending

 Investment real estate financing

Flexible real estate financing terms

 Investment property financing

 Groundfloor Lending, direct lender

 Fix-n-flip financing


Rental Property Services, Software & Tools



 Rent Redi app for landlords

 Online landlord tools

 Landlord services & software

 Screen tenants online, take apps

 Collect rent online, manage tenants

 Tenant applications, rental tools



 SmartMove by Transunion

 Online tenant screening

 Landlord screening tools

 Landlord services & software

 Screen tenants online

 Transunion SmartMove

 Start screening tenants today!


Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT), Apps, Platforms & Services*


 Diversyfund Real Estate Investing

 Real estate investing app & platform

 Real estate investing

 Alternative investing*

 Invest using mobile or web

 Open account online

 Invest in real estate incrementally



 Groundfloor Real Estate Investing

 Real estate investing services

 Real estate investing platform

 Alternative investing*

 Invest using mobile or web

 Open account online

 Invest in real estate in minutes



 HappyNest Real Estate Investing

 Real estate investing app

 Round up daily spending and invest

 Alternative investing*

 Invest in real estate by rounding up

 Open account online

 Invest small amounts incrementally



 Realty Mogul Real Estate Investing

 Real estate investment trusts

 REIT investing, growth & income*

 Alternative investing*

 Invest in real estate trusts (REIT)

 Open account online

 Open and past investments*


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Types of Business Financing

The list of business loans and business financing options below represents many, but not all, of the ways that businesses can finance expenses such as business startups, business acquisitions, business expansion, business purchases, payroll, business startup costs, working capital, equipment costs, inventory expenses, commercial real estate, and more. All business loans and financing methods have different features and offer different pros and cons, depending on the needs of your business.  Business loans and business financing terms, interest rates, business loan amounts, features, and benefits vary from lender to lender. Always check with the vendor before applying.

Commercial Mortgage

Looking to finance your commercial property? A commercial mortgage could be the perfect solution. With competitive rates and terms to suit your needs, a commercial mortgage lender can help you get the most out of your investment. Whether you’re looking to acquire, refinance, or redevelop commercial property, there are many online commercial mortgage brokers and lenders who can tailor a loan that meets your specific goals. So why wait? visit our site  today and take advantage of this great opportunity.

If you’re looking to finance your commercial property, a commercial mortgage is a great option. This type of loan is secured by the property itself, so you can use the proceeds to acquire, refinance, or redevelop the property. Commercial mortgages are flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of both borrowers and lenders. So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, a commercial mortgage could be the right solution for you.

Hard Money Financing

Hard money loans are an alternative method of financing the purchase of real property. They are typically issued by private investors, lenders, or private companies, and usually have higher interest rates than conventional loans because of the higher risk on the loan that’s involved. However, hard money loan terms are usually shorter in their length of term and they can offer borrowers a quick money for commercial real estate investing deals.

If you’re looking for a tough loan that’s secured by real property, A hard money loan may work for your needs. With typically higher interest rates, this type of loan is best suited for those who are comfortable with taking on a bit more risk. Hard money loans are also shorter in duration than traditional loans, so you won’t have to worry about being tied down for the long term. If you’re looking for a flexible and fast loan option, a hard money loan could be the answer. Typically, hard money loans will need to be paid off, sold and transferred, or refinanced within a couple years of taking out a hard money loan.