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Compare Secured Credit Cards, Unsecured Credit Cards, Credit Lines, and More!


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Secured Credit Card

The CreditBuilderCard is a secured credit card that is designed to help users build credit and provides the convenience of a secured credit card. The Credit Builder Card reports to the credit bureaus and does not have any credit requirements for approval (*must be over 18 to apply).  The CreditBuilderCard is safe and secure and you can apply in minutes. Apply for the CreditBuilder Card today and start building credit! *Always check 3rd-party sites before applying for credit to get the latest rates, terms & conditions. Always use credit wisely.

  • Credit Builder Card
  • Reports to bureaus
  • Secured credit card
  • Build credit
  • Great reviews!

Laurel Road Cashback Credit Card

  • Laurel Road
  • Cash-back credit cards
  • Earn rewards
  • Pts twd student loans
  • Great reviews!

UpGrade Card Credit Line Offers

*UpGrade card credit line offers may have different terms, conditions, interest rates, and other features compared to traditional credit cards and traditional credit lines.  Make sure to check with the vendor first and make sure you understand the terms and conditions of any offer before applying for a credit line or credit card. Visit/contact for the specific details of the UpGrade card credit lines. *Always check 3rd-party sites before applying for credit to get the latest rates, terms & conditions. Always use credit wisely.

  • UpGrade
  • Triple cash rewards
  • Get pre-approved
  • Easy application
  • Excellent reviews!
  • UpGrade
  • Cash back
  • No annual fee
  • Easy signups
  • No app fee
  • Easy access
  • Online options
  • UpGrade
  • Visa card
  • No app fee
  • Easy signup
  • No annual fee

Credit Card Comparison/Matching Service

*Credit card comparison and loan matching services are provided by 3rd parties and may compare credit cards & loans.

  • Experian
  • Credit match
  • Get matched with cards
  • Online options
  • Based on FICO

Credit Card Information FAQs

Credit cards are plastic or metal cards that allow you to purchase goods and services without paying cash. While these can help build credit, they also come with high interest costs if not paid off completely each month.

Basic Information

No matter if you’re just starting to use credit cards or have been using them for years, it is essential to be familiar with some basic information. Doing so will enable you to utilize your card efficiently and avoid mistakes that could harm your credit score.

Different credit cards exist, each with its own terms and features. To find the card that best meets your needs and fits into your lifestyle, it’s best to choose one that meets both.

Some cards offer cash back rewards – this is where money is refunded to your card based on how much you spend. The amount of the reward varies based on bonus categories and points structure.

Many credit card issuers make money by selling your name, address and financial data to companies that wish to sell other products or services. Therefore, it’s essential that you are aware of this and request a statement that outlines how the card works, who makes decisions on your account and any general terms and conditions associated with using the card.

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Depending on which credit card you select, rewards can range from cash back to points and miles. In addition to airline miles and hotel room credits, some cards also provide travel incentives like concierge services, insurance for road accidents or car break down cover. Some even provide a tiered rewards program which combines freebies with traditional card benefits. To make informed decisions about which cards you apply for and how you use them effectively, read all details carefully and be on the lookout for any promotional materials that catch your eye. *Always be wise before selecting a credit card, credit line, or using a credit card matching service.  *Make sure that you understand the interest rates, terms, penalties, fees, features, and rewards BEFORE applying.  Always make sure to pa your credit card balance off every month BEFORE interest is accrued, as credit card interest is typically, but not always, higher than other methods of financing purchases. Never get too far in debt with credit cards and avoid using them if possible.*

Travel Miles

Travel miles are rewards that credit card issuers give to cardmembers. They can be redeemed for various travel options such as free flights, hotels and car rentals.

Miles can be earned by using a card linked to an airline, such as an airline co-branded card, or by using a general travel credit card. On average, you’ll earn more miles per dollar spent on travel purchases than other types of purchases.

Many cards offer introductory bonuses that supplement what you would typically earn from charging purchases. These may include welcome bonus offers, anniversary rewards or referral incentives that reward you with extra points for referring new cardholders.

Some cards offer travel benefits that make the annual fee worthwhile, so weigh them against other card features to decide which is most advantageous for your travel plans. Don’t forget to factor in foreign transaction fees and annual percentage rates (APRs) either!


Credit cards provide an easy way to make purchases and track them over time, but if misused they may also lead to costly fees and debt accumulation.

Many credit cards offer various rewards programs. These can range from cash back rewards to points and miles that reward you for travel, dining out and other purchases.

The ideal credit card rewards program should fit your lifestyle and spending habits. Earning and redeeming rewards should be effortless.

When selecting a credit card, be sure to consider its annual fee, sign-up bonuses and rewards. A card offering the best rewards rate may have a higher-than-usual annual fee. Other cards might offer various perks or reduced APR periods but you must ensure it fits your financial needs. Remember, using credit cards requires budgeting responsibly and paying them off in full each month; any debt should never go beyond what is owed!