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About Certificate of Deposit Accounts (CD Accounts)

CD Account Information

Certificate of deposit accounts or CD accounts are deposit accounts that are held at banks and credit unions that typically pay an interest rate premium over most savings account in exchange for the customer agreeing to leave a lump-sum of money invested for a specific, predetermined period of time (e.g. 1 year).  Certificate of deposit accounts or CD accounts are offered in varying lengths and terms.  For example, many banks will allow you to get a one-month CD, three-month CD, One year CD, 5 year CD, and so on…  Each financial institution may have their own CD rates, terms, lengths, etc. and features and fees for CDs may vary from bank to bank and credit union to credit union.  CDs are typically considered a safe investment as they are usually FDIC insured up to $100,000. *Always check with you bank, credit union, or financial institution to confirm this first. Typically, the longer you are willing to keep your money in a CD, the better rate you will get, but this always depends on many factors. Consumers and investors should always shop around for the best CD rates and you can compare CD rates using the many online CD comparison websites.

CIT BANK CD Accounts

CIT Bank CD accounts are a solid offer from a reliable banking institution. CIT Bank has received several honors and notable mentions, including being named one of GoBankingRates Top 10 Online Banks 2018, Safe and Sound Rankings, and more!  CIT Bank Cd accounts have many competitive features depending on the CIT Bank CD that you choose.  Some of the features of specific CIT Bank CDs include, but aren’t limited to, having no opening or maintenance fees, *no penalties to access funds before maturing of specific accounts (*restrictions apply, see CIT Bank for specific CD accounts and specific details), *daily compounding interest to maximize your CD earnings (see CIT Bank for specific details), *FDIC insured (*see CIT Ban for specific details), and more.  CIT Bank CD accounts are a great place for savers who are looking for for traditional banking products and typically offer a higher interest rate than CIT Bank savings accounts and several money market accounts.  CIT Bank CD accounts have competitive interest rates and they offer savers a great place to put their money if they’re willing to put it away for a set period of time.

SuperMoney CD Account Comparison

The SuperMoney CD account comparison service is a great way to compare CD accounts and make sure that you find the best online CD account for you.  The SuperMoney CD account aggregator lets you compare certificate of deposit accounts from multiple banks and credit unions, so you can make an educated decision when it comes to opening a CD account. Certificate of deposit accounts are a safe way to earn interest on your savings, but you will need to put your money away longer than a traditional savings account.  With the SuperMoney CD account comparison website, you can compare CD accounts and find the right CD interest rate, terms, and features for you. Visit today.

Quontic Bank CD Accounts

Quontic Bank CD accounts have become popular with online CD account shoppers in recent times.  Quontic Bank is a member FDIC and Quontic Bank CD accounts are offered in a variety a CD account terms or lengths and have different CD interest rates, depending on the particular Quontioc Bank CD that you choose. Quontoc Bank offers certificate of deposit accounts with a variety of terms and you can decide which CD kength will work best for your particular savings needs. CD withdrawals prior to their maturity rate are subject to penalties. You can open a Quontic Bank CD account online in three minutes or less and Quontic Bank has a full suite of online tools. Shop CD accounts today! 

Consumers Credit Union CD Accounts

There are some excellent CD account options offered by Consumers Credit Union.  The Consumers Credit Union CD accounts have competitive interest rates and Consumers Credit Union CDs have a wide range of terms and features available.  Cd accounts are a great place to park your money for a little longer term and you can typically can earn higher interest rates on CD accounts than on savings accounts or even money market accounts. Consumer Credit Union Cd accounts have guaranteed interest rates, low minimum deposit requirements, dividends that compound regularly, and a variety of maturity dates available.  Check out Consumers Credit Union to see their CD rates today.

CD Account Articles

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