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Advertising Services (PPC)

Bing Ads by Microsoft

Help customers find your website. Use Microsoft advertising platform featuring Bing Ads. Pay-per-click ads.

Yelp for Business

Yelp for Business. Claim your Yelp page and business listing today. Use Yelp ads to target customers online.

Affiliate Marketing Services Affiliate Marketing Network

Use affiliate marketers to attract customers to your brand. Advertisers can find publishers and affiliates to promote your website, products, and services.
Rakuten Marketing Welcome Program

RakutenAffiliate Marketing Network

Rakuten is one of the largest affiliate marketing networks online. Rakuten will provide you with affiliates to promote your products, and services.

ShareaSale Affiliate Marketing Network

Shareasale affiliate marketing network. Websites can find publishers and affiliates to promote their products, and services.

Antivirus, Speed, Security, and VPN Services & Software

AVG Computer Software

AVG computer software. AVG antivirus and security software. Check out the AVG Internet security software, solutions & services.

Avant Small Business Solutions

Avant antivirus software and business security software. Check out the Avant business software, solutions, and services.

McAfee Total Protection Solutions

McAfee total protection. Award winning antivirus software, firewall, VPN, and security software. Check out the McAfee software, solutions, firewall, and VPN deals.

McAfee Ultimate Coverage VPN Services

McAfee ultimate coverages with secure protection. Find McAfee VPN deals. Get protection and security!

Norton Antivirus, VPN, and Security Solutions

Norton antivirus software, VPN, and security software. Check out the Norton software, solutions, and services.

Trend Micro Security Solutions

Trend Micro security software. Check out the worry-free business software, solutions, and services by Trend Micro.

Vipre Antivirus Solutions

Vipre antivirus solutions. Cybersecurity solutions for personal or professional use.

CC Cleaner Pro Solutions

CC Cleaner Pro. Award winning computer tools for computer cleaning, speed, and optimization.

Business Invoice Payment Services

Freshbooks Invoice Accounting Software

Freshbooks Invoice Accounting Software. Freshbooks business invoice payment services make it easy for you to get paid.

Melio Business Invoice Payment Services

Simplify invoice payments and amplify your cash flow. Melio business invoice payment services make it easy for you to pay your business invoices.

Chatbot Software & Services

Conversiobot Website Chatbots

Create website chatbots that can walk users through your sales/service process automatically. Drive leads or sales with chatbots. Live Webchat live web chat services.

Email & Digital Marketing Software & Services

AWebercom Email Marketing Tools & Services

AWeber email marketing tools and services. Email Marketing Tools & Services

Get Response email marketing tools and services. Digital Marketing Tools

Get Response digital marketing tools to aid your online marketing strategy. Landing Pages

Get Response landing page creator. Create responsive landing pages quickly. Signup Forms

Get Response signup forms for lead catpture and email marketing efforts. Website Builder

Get Response website builder. Hosting Services

GoDaddy website hosting & website services Landing Pages

LeadPages pre-made or customized landing pages and digital marketing tools. Website Builder

LeadPages web design tools. Build customized websites with easy.

Zyro Website Builder

Zyro website builder.

Zyro Online Stores

Zyro website builders and online stores.

Web Hosting, eCommerce & Web Conferencing Services

Big Commerce eCommerce Hosting Services

BigCommerce ecommrce website hosting & website services Hosting Services

GoDaddy website hosting & website services

Bluehost Hosting Services

Bluehost WordPress and website hosting services Hosting Services

GoToMeeting website hosting services & web conferencing. Hosting Services

Hostinger website hosting services.

Hostens Hosting Services

Hostens website hosting services.
Lendzz | Find Lenders, Loans & Financial Products

HostPapa Hosting Services

HostPapa website hosting services.

SEO & SEM Services

SEMrush Services

Search engine marketing & search engine optimization services. Unique content marketing platform & more.

SEMrush Services

SEMrush one platform for Internet services, business solutions, marketing, advertising & more.

SEMrush Backlink Services

SEMrush backlink locating services. Discover backlinks faster than ever.

Phone Services & Software

YouMail Telephone Services

YouMail small business virtual assistance phone services.

YouMail Robocall Solutions

YouMail robocall blocker and robocall solution services.

Verizon Business Markets Phone Plan

Verizon business markets phone services and plans.

Press Release Services & Software

24/7 Press Release Distribution

Attract customers, drive traffic, improve SEO, and increase exposure with 24-7 Press Release disctribution services

E-Releases Press Release Distribution

E-Releases Press Release disctribution services. Find digital press release distribution services that will spread your message, increase exposure, and increase your website traffic.

Remote IT Support Platforms

LogMe In by GoToMeeting remote IT support platform and services

Review Services & Software Website Reviews

Podium website review software & services. Get more reviews for your business.

Yelp for Business

Yelp for business. Get a Yelp business page, gather and respond to reviews online. Share photos, get calls, leads, etc. Ads available as well.

Social Media Software & Services

Sprout Social Media Software

Sprout Social - Social media software to help you manage business social profiles & more.

Text-to-Speech Software & Services

Lendzz | Find Lenders, Loans & Financial Products

Speechelo Text-to-Speech Software

Speechelo text-to-speech software helps you create amazing voiceovers for videos and more.

Video Marketing Software & Services

Billo Ecom Videos

Ecommerce videos by billo. Use billo for how-to videos, ecom videos, social media videos, product listings, UGC videos, call-to-action videos, testimonials, graphics, music & more!

Filmr by Invideo

Video app. Top video editor on mobile. Make videos with your phone and edit.

Invideo Video Marketing Software

Video app. Top video editor on mobile. Make videos with your phone and edit.
Lendzz | Find Lenders, Loans & Financial Products

Videly Video Marketing Software

Video marketing software designed to help videos rank.

Viddyoze Video Animation Software

Video animation marketing software designed to help you make stunning animated videos.

Virtual Desktop Services

Desktop Ready

Desktop Ready by anunta. Modern virtual desktop. Automation and services for modern workplaces.

Business Software, Services & SAAS Information

It seems like there is business software for just about everything these days. Whether you need a program to manage your inventory, track your sales, or keep your books in order, there is likely a business software solution or SAAS product that can help. However, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s where business software information and SAAS information comes in handy.

By reading up on the latest business software trends, you can make sure that you are choosing the right solution for your needs. In regards to business software, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Same goes for the SAAS product offers, or “software as a service” products offers. Every business has different needs, and the right business software for one business might not be right for another. That’s why it’s important to do your research and due diligence before purchasing business software or business SAAS products and services.

The business software landscape and SAAS product landscape are always changing, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest SAAS product developments. That’s where business software information portals like ours come in to play. We provide valuable comparisons of some of the hottest business software and business SAAS products on the market, including detailed information on various business software products & SAAS product solutions. In addition, we offer regular updates on the latest business software information and SAAS product trends. Whether you’re looking for information on specific business software products or simply want to remain up-to-date on the latest business software developments & software-as-a-service products and services, we’d like to be one of your business software and SAAS products resources.

Business software information and SAAS product information is critical when it comes to business success in the modern world. Powerful business software can help businesses automate processes, manage their finances, and keep track of their customers. However, with so many business software products on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your business. That’s where having good business SAAS product information comes in. Having reliable business SAAS product and business software information can help you understand the features and benefits of different business software and SAAS products, so you can make an informed decision about which one is best.

Business Software, Services & SAAS Programs

What types of business software, business services, and business SAAS products are being offered by the partnering vendor brands and companies?  Currently, although subject to change at any time, our partners have some excellent business software, services, and SAAS products in the following categories:

  1. Advertising services and advertising platforms for websites and businesses.
  2. Affiliate marketing software, services, and platforms.
  3. Blogging software, services, and courses.
  4. Chatbot software and services.  Website chatbox programs.
  5. Ecommerce software and services
  6. Email marketing services, email marketing software & platforms.
  7. Digital marketing software and digital marketing services.
  8. Hosting services and website hosting platforms.
  9. Search engine optimization services (SEO services).
  10. Search engine marketing services (SEM services)
  11. Review services and review software.  Website review platforms.
  12. Text-to-speech software & text-to-speech services.
  13. Video marketing software & services.  Video creation software & services.
  14. Website design and website builder services and software.
  15.  Current brands and partners (*subject to change at any time without notice): Bing Ads by Microsoft, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, Conversiobot website chatbots, email marketing and digital marketing services, Zyro ecommerce services and Zyro website builder services, telephone services, Hostinger hosting services, Hostens hosting services, Hostpapa hosting services,, SEO services and SEM services, Verizon telephone services, review services, Speechelo text-to-speech services, Filmr by Invideo video marketing app, InVideo video marketing software and services, Videly video marketing software, Viddyoze video animation software, and more!   Find business software, video marketing software, press release services, and more.                 

Business Software, Services & SAAS Product Categories

Online Advertising Services

Bing Ads and Google Ads are two of the most popular online pay per click (PPC) advertising platforms. Bing Ads is operated by Microsoft, while Google Ads is operated by Google. Both platforms allow advertisers to place ads on their respective search engine and partner websites, with ads appearing when users search for keywords related to the advertiser’s product or service.  PPC advertising is becoming a top way to advertise.

PPC ads are generally more effective than other forms of online advertising, such as banner ads, as they are targeted to users who are already interested in what the advertiser has to offer. However, PPC campaigns can be expensive, and the cost per click can vary depending on the popularity of the keywords being used. As a result, it is important for advertisers to carefully bid on pay-per-click keywords and ppc ads.

Affiliate Marketing Services

Shareasale and AWIN are two of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms. Shareasale offers a wide range of features, including detailed tracking and reporting, a user-friendly interface, and a wide selection of merchants. AWIN is also a popular choice for affiliate marketers, offering high commissions, a wide range of products, and reliable payments. and are top-notch affiliate marketing platforms.

Both affiliate marketing networks have their own strengths and weaknesses, but Shareasale is generally considered to be the better option for those just starting out in affiliate marketing. However, experienced affiliate marketers may prefer AWIN due to its higher commission rates and more comprehensive product selection.  Advertisers and publishers love both and affiliate marketing networks.

Chatbot Marketing Services

Coversiobot chatbot software is a great way to create engaging chatbots for your website or blog. With Coversiobot, you can easily create a bot that interacts with your visitors and helps them find the information they need. Coversiobot also makes it easy to add new features to your chatbot, such as coupons or loyalty programs. chatbot software is another great option for creating chatbots. With GetResponse, you can create a bot that interacts with your subscribers and helps them stay up-to-date on your latest offers. GetResponse also makes it easy to add new features to your chatbot, such as polls or contact forms.

Coversiobot and are two of the most popular chatbot software platforms on the market. Both offer a wide range of features and benefits, making them ideal for businesses of all sizes. Coversiobot is known for its ease of use and extensive range of templates, while offers advanced features such as automated message sequences and live chat. Ultimately, the best chatbot software for your business will depend on your specific needs and budget. However, both Coversiobot and offer powerful tools that can help you improve customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Email Marketing Services is a leading provider of email marketing services. With over 10 years of experience, has helped businesses of all sizes to develop and implement successful email marketing campaigns. offers a wide range of features and tools to help businesses create and manage their email campaigns, including a drag-and-drop email builder, a powerful autoresponder system, and detailed campaign reporting. also provides expert support and advice to help businesses get the most out of their email marketing efforts. Get Response is a leader in the email marketing services vertical.

Whether you’re just getting started with email marketing or you’re looking to take your campaigns to the next level, can help you achieve your goals. is an email marketing service provider that has been in business since 1997. offers a wide range of email marketing services, including bulk emailing, targeted emailing, and autoresponders. also offers a wide variety of templates and tools to help you create and manage your email campaigns.’s services are very easy to use, and they offer great customer support. is a great choice!

Web Hosting & Conferencing Services

There are many hosting services available, but three of the most popular are,, and All three offer a variety of features and pricing options to suit different needs. Hostinger is a great option for those who need unlimited storage space and bandwidth. Hostens offers affordable shared hosting plans starting at a very low price. Hostpapa is ideal for businesses that need e-commerce features and email accounts. Whichever service you choose, you’re sure to get reliable hosting and great customer support. Hostinger, Hostens, and Host Papa provide A+ email marketing services.

In addition to hosting services, another important tool for businesses is web conferencing. GoToMeeting is a leading provider of web conferencing services, offering high-quality audio and video conferencing services and web hosting services as well. As a matter of fact, has web hosting services that have features similar to Hostinger, Hostens, and Hostpapa. All four web hosting services offer a variety of plans and pricing options to suit different needs, but all three also have a few things in common. First, they all provide fast and reliable service. Second, they all offer 24/7 customer support. And third, they all have a satisfaction guarantee.  GoToMeeting, Hostens, Hostinger, and HostPapa are changing the way web hosting gets done.

SEO Services & SEM Services

SEM Rush SEO Services & SEM Services is an online marketing firm that provides affordable and professional search engine marketing services and search engine optimization services to small businesses and individuals. is a powerful suite of tools used by marketing professionals to increase their website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs), improve their website’s traffic, and track their website’s progress over time. has a wide range of features, including keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink checker, site auditor, SEO tools, SEM tools & more. also offers a variety of plans to suit different budgets and needs. SEM rush SEO Services & SEM Services is an excellent choice for those seeking affordable, professional online marketing services. is a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) service that provides its users SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools and services to help them improve their online visibility. SEMrush has a strong focus on helping its users rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), and it offers a variety of tools and services to help them achieve this goal. One of the most popular features of SEMrush is its Keyword Research tool, which allows users to find high-traffic keywords that they can use to improve their website’s ranking

Remote IT Support Services is a website that provides remote IT support services. It is a LogMe In remote IT platform that helps businesses and individuals to remotely access their computers and apps from anywhere. has been providing these services for more than 15 years and has a good reputation in the market. The website offers a variety of plans for different needs and budgets, and it also has a trial plan for individuals who just need basic remote access features. is easy to use and is available in many languages, making it a convenient option for users from all over the world. not only provides remote IT support services, but also is a whole remote IT support platform. This service allows users to remotely access and control their computers from any location.’s remote IT platform enables users to connect to their computers from anywhere in the world, using any device with an internet connection. services are ideal for businesses that need to provide IT support to their employees, or for individuals who need to access their home computer while traveling.’s remote IT support services are secure, and easy to use.

Text-to-Speech Software & Services

Speechelo text-to-speech software and services are designed to help you convert text to speech in a natural sounding voice. Speechelo uses artificial intelligence to generate speech that sounds like a real person, and it offers a wide range of benefits for users. With Speechelo, you can create audio versions of your blog posts or articles, create audio files for use in marketing campaigns, or even create voiceovers for videos. Speechelo offers a free trial so you can try out the service before you commit to a paid plan. And if you need more features, Speechelo also offers an enterprise plan with additional capabilities.

Whether you’re looking to create audio content for your own use or for marketing purposes, or just need to turn text to speech, Speechelo is perfect. Speechelo is a text-to-speech software that allows you to create natural sounding voices from any text. It uses cutting edge technology to synthesize speech in real time, and offers a wide range of options to customize the voice to your liking. You can adjust the pitch, tempo, volume, and more to create a unique voice that sounds just like you. Speechelo also offers a wide range of languages and dialects, so you can find the perfect voice for your needs. 

Website Review Services

Podium is a website that provides software and services to help businesses generate customer reviews. Podium’s¬†review¬†management software makes it easy for businesses to collect, manage, and respond to customer reviews. The software also provides tools to help businesses track their reputation and improve their rating on review sites like Google and Yelp. In addition to software, Podium also offers a range of review services. Podium’s team of review experts can help businesses increase their number of positive reviews, improve their star rating, and build a better reputation. has quickly become a leader in the website review services and business review software market.

Podium’s services are backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee, so businesses can be confident they’re getting results. If you’re looking for a way to improve your business’s online reputation, the review service through are excellent. Podium is a website that provides software to help businesses manage their online reviews. The site offers a variety of tools to help businesses track and respond to reviews, as well as to generate new ones. Podium also offers a range of services to help businesses respond to negative reviews and improve their overall rating. T Podium’s services are available in over 50 countries, making it one of the best website review services online.  Check out review software today.

Virtual Phone Services

If you’re looking for a reliable business phone service, Verizon is a great option. With Verizon business phone services, you’ll get crystal-clear call quality and reliable service. Plus, there are plenty of features to choose from, including call forwarding and voicemail. You can even add additional lines for a small monthly fee. Best of all, Verizon business phone services is backed by one of the largest and most dependable networks in the country. virtual phone services is another great option for businesses. YouMail offers a variety of features, including voicemail, caller ID, and call blocking. Plus, you can customize your greeting and choose from a wide selection of numbers. YouMail offers great customer service.

If you’re like most people, you probably use your cell phone for just about everything these days. But what if there was a way to have one phone number that could work for both your personal and business life? That’s where Verizon business phone services and virtual phone services come in. These companies offer plans that let you use the same phone number for both your personal and business calls. That means no more missed calls when you’re out of the office, and no more accidentally calling a client on your personal cell phone. Plus, Verizon business phone services and virtual phone services offer features like call forwarding and voicemail-to-email, so you can stay connected even when you’re on the go.

Website Builder Services

Getresponse and Zyro are two of the most popular website builders on the market. Getresponse is known for its ease of use, while Zyro offers a more comprehensive set of features. Both Getresponse and Zyro offer a trial plans as well as paid plans starting at a very low price. Getresponse offers a trial, while Zyro also offers a trial. Getresponse has been around since 2004 and has over 1 million customers, while Zyro was founded in 2018 and has over 500,000 customers. Getresponse is available in 20 languages, while Zyro is available in 18 languages. Getresponse offers 24/7 customer support, while Zyro offers customer support during business hours.

Getresponse and Zyro are two website builders that offer users a wide range of features and templates to choose from. Getresponse offers a drag-and-drop editor, a wide selection of templates, and a wide range of integrations with third-party services. Zyro, on the other hand, offers a more limited selection of templates but includes a powerful AI assistant that can help users to create their websites. Getresponse is also more expensive than Zyro. However, both website builders offer a free trial so that users can try out their features before committing to a paid subscription. Getresponse and Zyro are both good choices for users who want to build a website without having to code or hire a web designer.

Video Marketing Software & Services

Invideo and Videly video marketing software are great tools for creating engaging videos that can help promote your business. With Invideo, you can easily create professional-looking videos that include your branding and message. Videly is another great tool that allows you to create videos quickly and easily. You can also use Viddyoze to create animated videos that can help capture your audience’s attention. These video marketing tools can be a great way to improve your online presence and reach more customers. Viddyoze is a great video animation tool and Videly and InVideo both are excellent video marketing software services.

Invideo and Videly are two popular video marketing software programs. Viddyoze is a newer video animation software program that is gaining popularity. Invideo and Videly help businesses create and edit videos for marketing purposes. Viddyoze helps businesses create animated videos. Invideo has a wide range of features, including the ability to create storyboards, add voiceovers, and insert images and text. Videly offers similar features, but also includes a video player and the ability to track views and click-through rates. Viddyoze is newer than Invideo and Videly, but it offers a unique set of features that make it ideal for creating animated videos. It includes a library of pre-made animations. 

LeadPages Landing Page Builder

The Leadpages landing page builder is a great tool for online businesses and digital entrepreneurs. is a leading provider of landing page building services. LeadPages landing pages are designed to help you create landing pages and then increase your landing page conversion rates and grow your digital marketing business. is the online home of LeadPages, where you can sign up for a free account and start building your first landing page. offers an excellent landing page building service and a variety of digital marketing tools for lead generation and online sales. is a leading provider of landing page building services. LeadPages landing pages are designed to help you increase your conversion rate for your online products, services, and lead generation efforts and grow your online business with their suite of digital marketing tools business. is the online home of LeadPages, where you can sign up for a free account and start building your first landing page. Check the out at Web Conferencing is a web conferencing service that helps businesses stay connected and collaborate with team members located around the world. With GoToMeeting, users can share their screens, presentations, and files with others in real-time. The service also offers audio and video conferencing services, and you can even record meetings for later review. GoToMeeting .com is a subsidiary of LogMeIn, Inc. (Nasdaq: LOGM). Founded in 2004, has helped businesses communicate and collaborate more effectively by making it easy to connect with co-workers and clients online. The award-winning service makes it simple to host and join meetings, share screens and files, and even record meetings for later review. With web conferencing services, businesses can stay connected with team members located around the world. The service offers audio and video conferencing, as well as the ability to share screens, presentations, and files in real-time. Check out and check it out.