Compare Business Mobile Phone Services and Business Phone Services

Comparing Business Mobile Phone Services, Business Voicemail Services, and Business Phone Services:

When it comes to business phone services, there are a variety of solutions. From traditional office environments to home working situations, having access to reliable phone systems can keep customers and team members connected and ensure success in both environments.

Grasshopper is a virtual business phone service that allows you to use both desk phones and mobile cell phones for business communications, with plans starting at just $29 per month.

Verizon Business Digital Voice

Verizon is widely recognized for their business phone services and offer a range of features and pricing plans. Their VoIP platform is user-friendly while mobile apps enable employees to call using their office number. Plus, this can be combined with Verizon Fios business internet to save costs!

Verizon and PinDrop work together to identify spoofed call numbers and prevent fraudulent callers from reaching your team. This security feature is free and available across all of your business lines.

Though Verizon provides high-quality phone and internet plans, their customer support falls below par. Representatives often make promises they cannot keep and wait times can be lengthy; perhaps this reflects Verizon’s focus more on selling business bundles rather than offering exceptional customer care. Bundling could save your company money but make sure it suits your individual company needs before choosing to bundle. For guidance, talk with other businesses regarding their experience using Verizon services if uncertain.


RingCentral provides businesses with a range of business solutions that help streamline communication with customers. Their VoIP and business phone system offers cloud technology for voice and video conferencing, HD voice quality and call recording; users can select from competitive service plans that best meet their needs.

Many RingCentral reviews highlight issues with call quality and customer service. Businesses report calls that drop or are lost, as well as poor technical support services.

RingCentral MVP stands out in the industry with its wide array of third-party integrations and virtual conference room experiences. Furthermore, its mobile app enables employees to use call, fax and internet fax capabilities from smartphones and tablets – thanks to SOC 2 Type 2, SSAE 18 and ISO 27001 compliant data centers backed up with robust encryption standards that protect users’ personal information. Users appreciate being able to seamlessly switch between voice conferences, chat conversations and video conferences – this feature especially useful when working remotely or with flexible teams.


Grasshopper is an ideal option for freelancers and solopreneurs seeking a professional phone system at an affordable price. Its software is simple to use and includes features like call forwarding and transfers; its mobile application also enables users to keep business calls separate from personal calls while free to download – though may affect personal data plans when used on-the-go.

As part of the signup process, users can select local, custom and toll-free numbers as well as port their existing number over to Grasshopper. Plans come equipped with customizable greetings, voicemail transcriptions and call forwarding. Users can also send business text messages as well as use desktop and mobile applications to manage their account(s).

LogMeIn owns and operates LogShopper, which also offers remote IT support services and GoTo Connect. Grasshopper’s customer service agents may access account information and settings during technical support calls; its HIPAA compliance remains unknown; however, users can mark personal calls as such for more professional interactions before answering.


YouMail is a visual voicemail solution with integrated Robocall blocking and customizable manual call blocking features. The free plan provides automated spam blocking while paid plans offer automated spam blocking plus call transcription up to 30 seconds and full messages (depending on how many minutes your plan includes).

Impress important callers with premium greetings and options tailored specifically for them based on their incoming caller ID. Furthermore, the service can mute calls while you’re out so that no-one interrupts your busy day with interruptions to answer calls while on the move.

At Irvine, Calif.-based company Robocall Index LLC, its robocall index relies on audio fingerprinting, analysis of calling patterns, and direct consumer feedback to establish its index of unlawful robocall activity and avoid costly cease and desist orders. Robocall Index’s PS Score, Watch, and Clear solutions help CSPs safeguard their networks from bad actors.

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