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Compare Business Review Software and Services for Digital Marketers

As customers increasingly rely on reviews for making decisions about businesses, it is increasingly essential that a process be established for automating requests for reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other review platforms.

Review management services can enable you to request reviews from clients via email or text message, display them across multiple platforms such as Google and Facebook at once and showcase these reviews on your website.


Podium makes soliciting customer reviews simple by sending automated invites via text messaging after each transaction. Plus, its software makes tracking reviews, responding to reviews, and ranking against competitors much simpler with its switchboard feature. In addition, Podium features webchat widgets, central inbox for managing customer communications, and the capability of creating custom review templates – so no matter your business size you can quickly ask customers for reviews online!

Local businesses using Podium usually experience an increase of more than double their review volume within 60 days, thanks to this powerful reputation management tool which allows users to manage online reviews and customer interactions from one simple dashboard. Furthermore, its robust short messaging service (SMS) capabilities help expand business leads further; and this company offers customizable pricing plans for different types of businesses.

Yelp Business Reviews

Yelp is one of the Internet’s largest review platforms and can help brands display their reviews and learn how to improve their services through customer feedback. Before investing any funds into advertising on this site, however, it’s essential that businesses evaluate its advantages and disadvantages before making any commitment.

Negative reviews can cause irreparable damage to a business’s reputation, so it is vital that steps be taken to prevent them from appearing in search results. One effective approach is responding politely and respectfully when responding to negative reviews – without using offensive language or insults that only makes matters worse.

Promoting your business via social media and encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews is another effective strategy for gathering positive reviews. Yelp even offers badges and decals that can be added to websites or marketing materials as a reminder for reviewers to provide customer feedback.


Online reviews can be an extremely powerful marketing asset for a business, yet generating positive reviews requires consistent effort over time.

Online review management software makes this task significantly simpler. These solutions send automated review requests directly to customers, encouraging them to rate and comment on your products/services; additionally, these solutions enable businesses to respond professionally when dealing with negative feedback and complaints from their customers.

To start off, upload or manually enter customer contact information into a spreadsheet or software program, and the software will reach out directly to clients who fit your criteria for review sites that you choose. Some platforms even enable direct review links on receipts or other materials – just be sure to read reviews platform guidelines prior to offering incentives!


BirdEye is a customer experience marketing platform that transforms feedback to help businesses acquire and retain connected customers. Their all-in-one solution includes an online review management dashboard, referral campaigns, text messaging for business owners, and an all-inclusive text messaging tool for customers.

Companies from a range of industries use our service, such as healthcare, finance, automotive, education and real estate. Teams can respond directly to customer reviews while the platform integrates with over 3,000 software systems.

However, its website and dashboard regularly crash, leading to frustration for users. Furthermore, its live chat feature can only support one team member at any given time – potentially creating confusion when multiple team members attempt to converse with a client at the same time. Finally, its support team only offers assistance during business hours.


ReviewTrackers allows businesses to easily gather online reviews from multiple sources and assemble them onto one centralized dashboard for easier response and analysis tools that help businesses enhance customer service. Plus, its mobile-optimized dashboard makes for great use for managers on-the-go!

This online review management software assists users in collecting and managing reviews from various platforms, such as Google, social media sites and review sites. It features a centralized dashboard with automated email alerts as well as machine learning capabilities to uncover insights. Furthermore, it can integrate seamlessly with CRM systems for enhanced customer service.

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