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Business Phone Services

Business phone services offer a host of features and advantages that can help your small business flourish. They enable communication with customers, clients, staff members, as well as keeping tabs on sales trends and marketing strategies.

Key System Units (KSUs)

KSU systems offer the simplest option for business phone service and work on a central switching unit that determines which line each call will go through. These types of systems tend to be cost-effective and can be beneficial to small businesses looking for more dependable options.

VoIP technologies

Voice over internet protocol is a cloud-based phone service that takes place over the Internet. This technology is more cost-effective, while offering many more features such as unified communications and integration with third-party applications.

Desktop and Mobile Applications

Modern business phone systems allow you to access and use your phone from any internet-connected location. Plus, these systems usually come equipped with integrated video conferencing and audio conference calling features which give your business a polished appearance without the need for an additional third-party platform.

Automated Attendants and Ring Groups

If your company has employees spread across different departments, automated attendants and ring groups can help them quickly route calls to the correct person. You have the option of setting them to ring in a specific sequence or all at once depending on your business needs.

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