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If you’re looking for a business loan, there are a few places you can go. You can approach banks or credit unions, apply with the US Small Business Administration, or use one of the many online business lenders. At Lendzz.com, we have a small business loan comparison page, where you can compare business loans and find the right business financing solution for you.

Banks and credit unions are the traditional sources of loans for businesses, however, they both require a ton of paperwork and are very picky about which businesses they lend money to. More people are denied business loans by banks than approved, even with decent credit and a solid business plan. Although banks and credit unions may be able to offer you decent interest rates on business loans, they are tough to get approved by and the options may not be the most flexible. Business loans offered by banks and credit unions typically require collateral, such as equipment or real estate, in order to secure the loan.

Government programs such as the Small Business Administration (SBA) offer small business loans that are guaranteed by the government and these business loans traditionally have lower interest rates than many of the small business loans offered by online business lenders, but again, SBA loans can require a lot of paperwork and there are very specific criteria that need to be met in order to qualify for an SBA loan.

Online lenders are yet another option for small businesses looking to get approved for business loans, business lines of credit, or other forms of business financing. Many online business lenders have a streamlined business loan application process and may be able to get you approved for business funding quicker than traditional business lenders, such as banks or credit unions.

When you’re looking for a small business loan, business line of credit, or other forms of business financing, it may be wise to compare business loan options and then choose the business loan or business financing offer that fits your business’s needs. You will want to compare business loan interest rates, terms, features, and fees before you apply for a business loan or any form of business financing. If you’re looking to compare business loans, check out our business loan comparison page today!


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