Fundwise Capital Review

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Fundwise Capital Review and Information:

Fundwise Capital is a financial technology company that provides crowdfunding solutions for small businesses and startups. Fundwise was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut. Fundwise Capital offers three main solutions: Fundwise Equity, Fundwise Partners, and Fundwise Rewards. 

Fundwise Equity

Fundwise Equity functions as a crowdfunding solution that enables small businesses to raise capital by selling equity in their business to investors. 

Fundwise Partners

Fundwise partners are business loan brokers and business loan affiliates who earn commissions by helping small business owners find business financing by referring them to Fundwise Capital. Fundwise partners help business owners find business loans, business lines of credit, business cash advances, business leasing, and other forms of business financing. Fundwise partners also help business owners build business credit and qualify for business financing.

Fundwise Rewards

Fundwise Rewards functions as a rewards-based crowdfunding solution that can help small businesses raise funds by offering rewards to certain backers. Fundwise has helped over 1,000 businesses raise over $100 million in funding through its crowdfunding platform. Fundwise Equity has been featured on Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and CNBC. 

Fundwise Review on Trustpilot

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