YouTube SEO Tips and Strategies

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When we first started making videos on YouTube, we had NO IDEA what we were doing. We were basically just making commercials because we had no idea how to educate people or build a YouTube audience. To be honest, we’re still in the beginning process, but we’ve picked up a few great YouTube SEO tips and strategies that we’d like to share with you. Going forward, we’re transitioning from making fewer YouTube commercials and MORE YouTube videos that can actually educate viewers, build an audience, and offer content that will help people.

YouTube SEO Tips

As we mentioned above, we started out just making YouTube commercials that didn’t educate anyone. We’re now in the process of learning how to create YouTube videos with quality content that our audience is interested in. Now, YouTube is owned by Google, and there are some similarities in the SEO process that is used, but there are some differences as well. When you’re blogging, you want to create content that ranks well in Google due to keywords and technical SEO strategies, but ALSO is well-written and delivers VALUE to your readers. Well, when making YouTube videos, you will want to do the same thing, but in a slightly different way and of course, in a different medium

When you create YouTube videos, you will want to decide if you’re teaching something to your audience, or if you’re trying to sell them something. If you’re trying to sell them something, your topic will depend on whether it’s a product or service of your own or an affiliate product. An example of an affiliate product YouTube video would be a review video. If you were to review a product or service that you’re an affiliate for, you could easily make an educational video that would ALSO be transactional in nature (trying to sell). An example of this might be reviewing camping gear, doing a bikini haul try-on, reviewing a fitness program, laptop review, etc. You could also create a straight sales video for a product or service, where you describe and do a virtual walk-through. For example, you could take your YouTube viewers on a tour of an RV, tent, demonstrate features of a hot tub, use a laptop, etc. Sales videos and product/service review videos are two examples of videos you could make that are transactional in nature.

Other types of YouTube videos you could make are more informational YouTube videos. These are videos that would solve a problem or teach your viewers something. Most of these videos make have “How-to” in the title or give a list of specific tips. So what do these types of videos have to do with SEO? Well YouTube SEO is slightly different than Google SEO, but as mentioned, there are many similarities as well. The longer people watch your video and the more they “like” or “thumbs up” your YouTube video, the better your YouTube video will do in the algorithm. Just as you want your blog bounce rate to be low, you want the same for your YouTube bounce rate. Quality content will keep your user engaged and increase your YouTube SEO.

YouTube SEO Strategies

As we mentioned, creating quality YouTube content that engages viewers is essential for YouTube SEO, but there are also some technical YouTube SEO tips that should be part of your YouTube SEO strategy. You will want to create a catchy YouTube SEO title that incorporates some of your target keywords and you will also want to incorporate those keywords into your description and tags. You May also want to put some affiliate links in your description and a link to your blog and website in there. Make sure you write a thorough description that uses your target keywords at least a few times in the body of the YouTube video description content. You will also want to use a catchy YouTube thumbnail when you upload your YouTube video. When thinking of YouTube SEO, remember to focus on: YouTube content, title, thumbnail, description, tags, and keywords.

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