Building Backlinks for Your Blog Using Link-Building Strategies

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Bloggers will need a minimum of 100 backlinks in order to build authority for their blog. Building backlinks for your blog may be essential for your blog’s success. Building backlinks to your blog using link-building strategies is an important part of blogging SEO. Many top bloggers accumulate thousands of backlinks over the life of their blog. This can seem intimidating, but remember, just one backlink per day adds up to 365 backlinks per year. Getting quality backlinks can build your blog’s authority and help you drive traffic.

Link-Building Strategies

There are a few link-building strategies that you may want to consider. Although experts have discovered dozens of different link-building strategies:, we’re going to focus on four main link-building strategies for your blog:

  1. Social Backlinks: Once you create your blog, you will want to create a few social media accounts (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and occasionally post on social media and include a backlink to your blog, website, and specific posts and pages. Social backlinks should be the very first backlinks that you get.
  2. Online Directories: There are still some directories that are good to get backlinks from. What I would do is search for free online directories that are in your niche (e.g. real estate) and find 10-15 of them. Then, create at least 10-15 backlinks to your blog/website from those directories.
  3. Guest Posting: You’ll need to send some cold emails in order to do this, but that’s a lot easier than cold-calling and I’ve found that even introverts like many of us are can send a cold email You can and other business sites to find content managers, affiliate managers, and social media managers for brands that are in your niche. Provide these managers with value and write a nice email that pitches some articles topics. Demonstrate how you can write a guest post for their blog that would deliver value to their readers in exchange for a backlink back to your blog post, page, or website.
  4. Partnerships: By building relationships and long-term partnerships with other blogs/brands/companies in your niche, you can find ways to exchange articles, links, content, and references. When you sign up through affiliate networks or different individual affiliate programs, you begin to build relationships with the affiliate manager of each company that you’re an affiliate for. As they see that you offer value in your content and that you’re a reliable affiliate, they’ll begin to trust you and offer you more content and opportunities. You can then ask for a link trade or offer to guest post for their blog as well.

There are a lot of bloggers that are trying to say that back-links don’t matter. Despite these claims, if you study SEO, most SEOs will tell you that link-building is still very important when it comes to driving traffic to your blog from Google. Additionally, most SEOs will say that link-building strategies are essential for a blog’s success. Building backlinks doesn’t always have to involve partnerships and guest posting, as there are a few simple ways to build backlinks to your blog. These link-building strategies may not be as powerful or completely under your control but they can work. Below is a list of a few additional link-building strategies:

  1. Create a blog author bio: By creating a blog author bio, other bloggers who read your work and enjoy it may choose to link to your bio, which will give you a backlink each time this is done.
  2. Use statistics and good quotes that other bloggers will see when reading your blog. If they like the quotes or statistics in your blog, they may choose to quote you and link back to your blog from their blog.
  3. You can check out HARO (help a reporter out), which pairs bloggers and journalists and can create some positive blogging relationships.

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