7 On-Page SEO Tips for Wordpress Bloggers

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Below you will find 7 on-page seo tips for WordPress bloggers that you may find helpful in your SEO efforts and blogging traffic generation pursuits:

  1. Create long-form articles with 800-1600 words that addresses the key questions that a user or customer may have and provides quality content to the reader and also uses the targeted keywords several times, without using “keyword stuffing” tactics.
  2. Use internal links to other pages and posts that are relevant to the page/post that you are promoting. Internal links go from one page on your website to another. It would be best to link your pages that ARE ranking on Google to pages that you WANT to rank on Google as well.
  3. Use your targeted keywords in your H1 (Title) heading tags. Now, this might not even boost Google seo results by itself, but it can increase your user experience, which can benefit your Google rankings.
  4. Using shorter urls (under 20 characters) may have a positive result for your on-page seo efforts.
  5. Use external links within your pages and posts for certain keywords. If you decide to link out to external resources, make sure that they are solid resources and have good authority and information for your readers. This may boost your user experience, which can affect your Google seo ranking.
  6. Use a great title and metaphrase description for your pages and posts. The H1 Title and meta description is very important and can give the searcher a snippet of what your page or post is about.
  7. Increase your page speed. Page speed will be a ranking factor that will not only help your Google rankings, albeit in a small way, but may really help you user experience and get a better bounce rate. Readers don’t like waiting for a slow page to load and will often bounce off while your slow site is loading. There are many WordPress speed optimization tools such as image compressors, cache plugins, and other WordPress seo plugins that can help increase your page load speed.

Although the bulk of your time as a WordPress blogger should be used in creating awesome content, optimizing these 7 on-page tips for WordPress bloggers may help you improve your Google rankings and your blog traffic!