Can Content Velocity Contribute to Topical Relevance and Authority

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Many bloggers, content marketers, Internet marketers, and SEOs are asking the question, “Can content velocity contribute to topical relevance and authority?”. Well, the jury is still out on that, but there is something to say about getting information out there quickly, with one caveat: Velocity of the content may help you be successful, but it still must be QUALITY content. Simply spewing out hundreds of pages of content with little effort will not be a huge success and could even backfire because putting out all of that content without seeing any results could definitely frustrate content marketers and leave bloggers with a sour taste in their mouths when it comes to internet marketing.

It does make sense that content velocity could benefit a blogger in regards to topical relevance because if you’re doing something very well, like blogging, it only make sense that MORE of that great content would be better for your brand and getting that information out quickly and consistently could help your internet marketing brand gain authority with Google. Ranking high with Google is always a challenge and most bloggers, content marketers, and general Internet marketers and not professional SEOs and have no desire to be an SEO. You got into blogging and content marketing because you’re passionate about your subject or niche, not because you want to be a SEO expert.

Bloggers want to be productive, put out great content, and see results for their efforts. Simply spitting out dozens of weak articles or buying articles is not going to do it and won’t be rewarding either. With that said, if you’re putting out great quality material, the faster you can get that out and the more of it you can get out, the better…. at least that’s what many SEOs are currently saying in regards to content velocity and topical relevance for Internet marketers.

If you look at The Beatles, for example, they not only had very high-quality songs in their catalog, but they also had a HUGE catalog and they completed their catalog of music in less than a decade. Getting high-quality content out in a fast and regular fashion is a great way to gain authority and potentially rise in Google rankings. It may be fair to say that to some extent, content velocity can lead to topical relevance and authority if a blogger, brand, or content marketer is putting out extremely high-quality content and all other SEO factors are also working in their favor.

There are many factors besides content velocity that lead to topical relevance and website authority, but putting out a ton of high-quality content in an orderly and systematic fashion could definitely work in your favor when it comes to building authority as a blogger or content marketer. Internet marketing is a tricky game and there are many factors involved in building website authority.

Content velocity is just one factor and other factors may include, but are not limited to technical SEO, building authoritative backlinks, on-site content, SEO, video marketing efforts, paid marketing efforts, brand reputation, product or service reviews, and many more. Overall, it’s important to remember that there are over 200 ranking factors when it comes to SEO and content velocity is just one of them. Still, putting out high-quality content in a timely fashion is a great step to take if you’re looking to build your blog and gain from your content marketing efforts.

There are some SEO experts who advise bloggers to only work on content marketing and developing great content in abundance. On the other hand, there are plenty of SEO experts who insist that link building or technical SEO is more important. Finally, with Google’s E-A-T updates in place, it is very important for bloggers and content marketers to demonstrate their expertise, authority, and trust in order to generate great Google rankings.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy answer to what’s the best way to boost your Google rankings, this may not be the perfect answer you’re looking for, but it’s important to cover all angles. When asking if content velocity can lead to authority and topical relevance for bloggers, it’s fair to say that yes it can to some extent. The truth is, you could probably have SOME success as a content marketer or blogger by focusing on any one of those areas, but to really gain authority, it would be best to generate excellent content, fast content, a lot of content, build backlinks, have great technical SEO, have great on-site content, create a great user experience, and finally, demonstrate expertise, authority, and trust in your blogging niche or subject area. I know that’s a lock to unpack, but you can do it!

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