Homeowners Insurance Crisis in Florida?

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Many Florida homeowners and potential Florida home buyers and sellers are wondering if there’s a homeowners insurance crisis in Florida due to the fact that there are several Florida homeowners insurance companies that are currently in liquidation. What could a Florida homeowners insurance crisis mean for Florida home sellers and potential Florida home buyers? If you’re looking to sell your Florida home, you may find it to be very advantageous to use a Florida real estate agent matching services that can help you get matched with up to four local Florida real estate agents for free, with no obligation to choose any of the Florida real estate agents that you’re matched with. Hopefully lawmakers will be able to make some positive recommendations and avoid any looming Florida homeowners insurance crisis as issues arise.

Many Florida homeowners are complaining about the skyrocketing Florida homeowners insurance rates, stating that they’ve seen rate raises of up to 100% for Florida homeowners insurance. Some people are saying that natural disasters are causing the high Florida homeowners insurance rates, while others claim that fraud by homeowners and petty lawsuits are contributing to the rise in Florida homeowners insurance rates. If you’re thinking of buying a Florida home or selling a Florida home and you’re concerned about Florida homeowners insurance rates, you may want to speak with a licensed Florida real estate agent and also a licensed Florida homeowners insurance agent. If you’re looking to get matched with a Florida real estate agent for free, with no obligation, check out the Florida real estate agent matching services and find Florida real estate agents near you today!