Building Your Business With Freelancers

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Building Your Business With Freelancers: How to Create a Productive Team

Hiring a freelance team for your business can provide a number of benefits. For example, according to experts, you can save money hiring freelancers instead of traditional employees. However, to have a productive team, you need to know how to manage them. So here are some tips from Lendzz to help.

Create a Business Plan

In your business plan, consider the types of freelancers you could utilize. Not only does your business plan help you to bring in the business partners and funding you need, but it can also help you put together a productive and successful team of freelancers.

Before you hire a team, you should already know how you plan to communicate with your workers. Much like working with regular employees, your freelancers need to stay on the same page as you. Make sure that the team knows when and how to contact you. Additionally, take into account time differences. Allow your freelancers to see where you are located to know when they may hear from you. Most freelancers communicate through writing and you can have more in-depth, faster conversations through email or messaging.

When working with freelancers from Vietnam, keep in mind that some payment platforms have costly wire transfers. Look for reliable transfer services like Remitly that offer no fee on your first transfer.

Put Together a Strong Team

To find remote workers, check job boards. For example, if you want a worker from Vietnam who specializes in

programming, you can narrow down your search on boards like Arc. You can find capable candidates in various industries and throughout multiple countries. The Fiverr platform is also useful for finding workers. When you use Fiverr, you have an opportunity to vet your candidates based on portfolios, rates, ratings, and years active.

Most freelancers have the minds of entrepreneurs. They are financially driven and self-disciplined and tend to have good time management. After all, most freelancers receive payment based on the project they complete rather than their work hours. Since many work from home, they must know how to juggle their personal life with their business life to remain on task. While all freelancers are different, most have top-tier communication skills and passion for the work they do. Look for freelancers who love what they do and take their job seriously to ensure you have a team willing to work with you to better your business.

Remember to Collaborate

Collaboration is key to finishing an important project. If you have a remote team, you need to work with them effectively despite the distance. There are various ways to communicate and collaborate online. For example, you can utilize Zoom for conferences and meetings and Google Drive for shared documents. If you have a project that includes multiple people, you may feel like you have an overflow of documents. To keep track of everything, try a PDF merging tool to bring all documents into one file. This makes it easier to find what you need, and you can rearrange the PDF pages so the content remains in the right order.

When you use freelancers for your company, you gain many advantages. Freelancers work in almost every industry, and many work remotely. If you have a plan and the right knowledge for working with remote workers, you can bring a productive team together from around the world. As long as you vet your freelancers and focus on communication, you can create a team that works efficiently together.

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