Where to find real estate agents.

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Are you wondering where to find the best real estate agents?

There are between 3 and 5 real estate agencies on your street and it is difficult for you to know which one is most suitable for your home sale or purchase. We offer you different ways to refine your search to choose the one that meets your needs:

Sign up for the free real estate agent locator service and let The Referral Exchange or Real Estate One match you with a top-rated real estate agent for free. Sure you could enter his or her name in our search engine and find exclusive information displayed online such as customer reviews, notes, goods sold recently, information on employees, etc., but wouldn’t you rather work with a free real estate agent referral service that would make sure that you get matched with a great real estate agent for free, with no obligation to choose any of the real estate agents you’re matched with?

You could enter the name of your city in the search engine and find a directory the most efficient real estate agencies around your property. Agencies are classified according to their recent sales and the notices left by their customers. You could also enter your address and find out which agencies have sold the most properties near you. By entering the characteristics of your property, you will access agencies that have sold homes similar to yours.

How it works ?

By completing a quick form on Lendzz.com, you will start the fast and easy process. Lendzz.com works with both The Referral Exchange LLC, and Real Estate One, who have helped thousands of clients get matched with a top-rated real estate agent for free. Sign up today and get matched in as fast as 24 hours! Find real estate partner agencies with great real estate agents who provide exclusive information on their recent sales, which are made available to you on their site. This information allows you to appreciate their expertise in your neighborhood.

Unlike announcements, if your agent has recently sold homes on their website, the homes sold page may allow you to assess the type of property actually sold by the agency and the price at which it sold. Many real estate agents also collect their customer reviews and collect additional ones from users of their platform. This information, available on their site, may allow you to choose the most competent agency to list your project with confidence. Sign up to find a top-rated real estate agent today.

Why call on a real estate agency ?

You want to be sure to sell at the right price

With a detailed visit of your property, the real estate agent will be able to analyze its strengths and weaknesses. He will also grasp more subjective criteria such as charm, potential and possible work that will impact the estimation of your property. It will also take into account the demand potential and the actual prices of the last transactions to define a precise estimate of your property.

A study shows that it may be more efficient to sell with an agency than to sell alone. Because some of the individuals trying to sell alone will not be able to make the sale a reality (according to an OpinionWay 2018 study). A real estate agent, meanwhile, has a pool of potential buyers thanks to its local network He also has at his disposal a certain number of tools to enhance your property (showcase, website, prospectus, etc.).

Visits, selection of files, administrative documents, negotiation… the real estate agent will take care of everything for you. What’s your criteria for choosing an agency ?

The proximity between your property and the agency is good information to take into account when launching a first search.

You can measure her knowledge of the local market by looking at similar goods and close to yours that she recently sold.

It is recommended to check customer reviews to get an idea of the level of customer satisfaction.

There are several agency profiles that meet different needs. For example, agencies of large or independent real estate networks have local expertise in a fairly large sector and have a showcase in the heart of the city. The agents are betting on personalized support, have a very targeted local expertise in a defined area and do not have a physical showcase.

You can look at all the information used by the agent (market research, similar goods sold …) to establish this price The more precise it is, the more likely you are to have the fairest estimate.

Today there are new digital services to increase your chances of selling (deco 3D, virtual tour …). Find a top real estate agent today!