Dun and Bradstreet CreditBuilder Plus for

If you’re looking to build business credit and establish a business credit file, you may be interested in checking out the Dun and Bradstreet CreditBuilder Plus for business. The business Creditbuilder Plus by Dun and Bradstreet allows new and established businesses to potentially build their business credit file and offers numerous potential business credit advantages such as lowering business interest rates on business financing, attracting new customers, potentially increasing business cash flow, and even the possibility of negotiating better business financing terms.

With the Dun and Bradstreet CreditBuilder Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to benchmark your company against its peers, the ability to add up to 12 trade references on your business credit file*, unlimited access to view your Dun and Bradstreet business credit ratings and business credit scores, and you can even get alerts when other businesses request your business credit information. You can find the CreditBuilder Plus at DNB.com, but If you’d like to compare the Dun and Bradstreet CreditBuilder Plus with other business credit services, business financing offers, and other business services, check out our business financing and business credit comparison page at Lendzz.com today.

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