Should I get a Personal Loan?

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Should I get a personal loan? The answer might surprise you, especially since our website offers a free personal loan comparison service and we receive affiliate commissions when a personal takes out a personal loan. So, back to the question, “Should I get a Personal Loan?”, well obviously, the answer is “that depends”…let’s examine: Yes, a personal loan can be a great way to consolidate high-interest debt, finance a wedding, vacation, or large purchase, and pay off credit cards. That still doesn’t mean that getting a personal loan is a good decision for YOU, based on YOUR financial picture. It may be a good idea to get a personal loan if you could combine many high interest loan accounts into one affordable monthly payment that would save you interest over the long run, but that really will depend on your situation. Deciding whether or not you should get a personal loan, it will vary from person-to-person and situation-to-situation.

With regards to using a personal loan to finance vacations, weddings, or a large purchase, it may be better than a home equity loan because you’re not putting your house up for collateral, but the question you really need to ask yourself is “Do I really need this (insert item to purchase) so bad that I should take out a personal loan to get it?”. Most times, going into debt is not a great thing, so I would avoid it if you can. If you can avoid financing a purchase, it may be better to put it off and save up enough to pay for it in cash. Again, it all depends on your situation and your finances. The main point is that you should borrow responsibly and only take out a personal loan if it’s going to benefit you financially or you absolutely need to do it.

Using a personal loan for debt consolidation could be a good idea, but only if you’ll save overall or if it will make you commit to paying debt off. Typically, you can find several personal loan applications online and there are multiple places where you can compare personal loans before you apply for a personal loan. If you do decide to apply for a personal loan, make sure to borrow responsibly and make the best financial decisions that you can based on your budget, goals, and particular situation. *Blog contents do not constitute legal or financial advice. Consult a licensed professional.*

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